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    The Most Historic Towns And Oldest Places In America

    The Most Historic Towns And Oldest Places In America documents the groups’ exploratory trips across America visiting the most historic towns and oldest places.

    Lifelong friends who grew up together in New York had a common passion for sports. But now nearing the age of 50, they have picked up a new and exciting hobby.

    Their passion for American history has motivated them to create a website.

    “We have a niche website that provides a firsthand look for our viewers. It focuses specifically on places that have earned titles as the oldest places or most historic towns. We also have some notable mentions along the way,” said Guy Saladino who manages the site content on behalf of the 4 friends.

    Follow Albert, Gavin, Guy, and Mike (and some cameo appearances from others) on with their continuous journey across America. The site touts “Visiting America’s Most Historic Towns and Oldest Places,” adding a bonus “Notable Mentions” page.

    It offers a wealth of information for history buffs or anyone just interested in traveling to some amazing places.

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    The Most Historic To…

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