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    The Traveler’s Holiday Gift Guide

    The Traveler’s Holiday Gift Guide

    Looking for the perfect present for that traveler in your life? It’s not always easy!

    These are the best travel gift ideas for wanderlusts, no matter what your budget.

    Skip the moneybelt this year, and buy a birthday or holiday travel gift that your favorite intrepid globe-trotter will actually use on their next international vacation.

    These popular gifts for travelers can help make any journey more comfortable and convenient:

    EVO Gimbals

    EVO Gimbals offers some of the best camera stabilizer solutions with a wide selection of GoPro Gimbals, Smartphone Stabilizers, DSLR Gimbals, along with GoPro Action Cameras, 360 Cameras and Accessories.

    Capture stunningly smooth cinematic-like a video with the SP-Pro 3 axis gimbal iPhone stabilizer, the Rage-S camera stabilizer, EVO Shift Smartphone gimbal, GP-Pro GoPro gimbal or the EVO-SS GoPro chest mount gimbal.

    EVO Gimbals provide top-rated camera stabilizers, trusted by professionals who need the best video stabilizer accessories.

    Blunt Umbrellas

    While living in London and dealing with rainy commutes, Kiwi engineer Greig Brebner noticed how unsafe umbrellas were – being so tall, the spikes would often poke him in the eye. He also noticed how umbrellas had become a throwaway commodity, mainly due to poor-quality materials and flimsy, outdated design.

    So, to save his eyes and reduce the number of broken umbrellas that end up as landfill each year, Greig set out to do something no one had done since 1928 – re-invent the umbrella. And he began by re-designing the mechanisms that lead to Blunt Umbrellas.

    Going right back to the drawing board, Greig married engineering innovation with no-fuss design styling to create something that exceeded even his own expectations: a ridiculously strong umbrella that could handle seriously wild weather.

    After pushing countless prototypes to the limits in wind tunnels and on the blustery hills of Auckland, Greig finally did it. He’d re-invented the Blunt Umbrella. And it just so happened to become the strongest umbrella in the world. One crafted to last.

    Calm by Wellness is the most recommended hemp CBD oil in the world. All of the plants are grown in the USA and manufactured with strict lab tests to prove it’s the cleanest, highest quality CBD in the world. CBW’s manufacturing facility has shipped over 1 million products worldwide.

    Awaken the wanderlust in you and feed that traveling thirst with some of these must-have travel items.

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