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    Ways To Figure Out What Your Photography Clients Really Want

    Ways To Figure Out What Your Photography Clients Really Want

    When running any business, it’s important to try to meet the demands of your clients. But just what is it that photography clients really want?

    As a professional photographer, it can sometimes be hard to get into the head of someone who has to know photography knowledge at all. Just what is it that they’re looking for when they ask you to do a photoshoot?

    Are there specific angles, specific lighting tricks, and specific editing techniques that are certain to wow them?

    The truth: your clients don’t know what they want

    Most photography clients actually don’t know what they’re looking for. They just want stunning photos they can hang proudly on their wall or happily use to promote their brand – just what makes these photos ‘stunning’ is for you to work out.

    Many clients don’t even know how many photos they want or where they want to shoot them. As a photographer, it may be up to you to form ideas and make decisions for them.

    Find your niche and unique style

    If a customer has already approached you, it’s likely because a) you cater to their niche purpose and b) they’ve seen your work and they love your style.

    Photography niches include things like wedding photography, product photography, architectural photography, and boudoir photography. You can check out Alli Murphy’s new Long Island location for an elegant boudoir photography session.

    One thing that clients are certain about is the type of niche photography they need, so it is important to clearly label your niche in your marketing – use the right buzzwords in ads and the right keywords on your website.

    Clients are then likely to visit different websites and social media pages until they find a photography style that wows them. This style is likely to be a matter of personal taste. Having a distinct style could help you to stand out – try to use photos on your website and social media pages that highlight what makes you different to your competitors. Unique subjects and backdrops can make a difference too.

    Provide a questionnaire

    You can help clients to figure out exactly what they want by providing them with a questionnaire. The likes of this personal brand photography questionnaire can help clients to ask themselves questions to get a clearer idea of what it is they actually want. This can prevent the need for as much guesswork and experimentation during the photoshoot.

    Educate them on photography

    A lot of clients don’t understand the photography process. Many expect to instantly go home with photos, not realizing that most of the work goes on after leaving the studio/photoshoot location. Helping them understand the work that goes in afterward could help when justifying different pricing plans. It may also be important to help them understand extra costs like travel and equipment.

    Clients may also not know what sizes of photos are available, as well as what formats they are available in. Take the time to educate your clients on this – they may not choose a certain format if they don’t know what it is.

    Take control

    In most cases, clients want a photographer who will take control and make the decisions for them. You should still try to make the client feel that they are in control by frequently asking for their opinion – but don’t be afraid to make a judgement for them if they cannot decide on something for themselves.

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