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    6 Tips On How To Break Up A Relationship The Right Way

    6 Tips On How To Break Up A Relationship The Right Way

    A lot of people are forced to endure unhappy relationships only because they do not know how to part with a partner respectfully.

    Of course, there is no instruction for a perfect break-up. However, there are tips on how to make this process less painful and more effective.

    Therefore, we would like to bring to your attention the best tips on how to end an exasperating relationship respectfully.

    1. Indicate the reason for the break-up

    It can be very difficult to explain to a partner the reason for the break-up, especially when you yourself are confused in your reasoning and claims. However, you still need to try to identify those things and problems that dissatisfy you and make it clear to your partner why you do not see any other option but to end the relationship. Remember, your arguments must be clearly stated – there should be no double meaning, lies, or understatement.

    This is one of the most important tips on how to end a romantic relationship respectfully. Moreover, you should be careful with real-world examples, as they often look like accusations.

    1. Do not blame

    Blaming is a lot of weak people. You should not resort to it if you want to end a relationship respectfully. After all, you are dealing with a person whom you once loved and with whom you spent wonderful years (months) of life.

    Your partner does not deserve humiliation at such a difficult moment a priori. You should be above shifting the blame on the person you loved; in this case, it is better to take the heat on yourself. But do not pronounce the terrible hackneyed phrases like “it’s not about you,” which the cinema has long turned into a synonym for indifference.

    1. Rehearse your speech

    Of course, there is a possibility that you will say everything differently, but rehearsing of your speech still makes sense. Firstly, it will give you confidence. Secondly, it will set you up for a decisive mood. Thirdly, if you suddenly become confused at the crucial moment of the conversation with a partner, the rehearsed phrases will emerge somewhere in your head and save the situation from complete failure and shameful capitulation.

    1. Do not offer to stay friends

    By offering your partner to stay friends, you run the risk of finding yourself in the role of a participant in a dubious romantic comedy. And in general, following the example of separation of movie characters is not the best idea at least because all of their words are subordinate to the logic of a scriptwriter and not to your life situation.

    1. Do not switch to heated arguments

    You should remember that shouting and high words never help matters. Therefore, do not hope that a break-up will be easier and less painful if you switch to heated arguments. On the contrary, after some time, you may regret what was said and decide to apologize. You probably have already guessed what happens next.

    No, this is not about the best sex in your life (although everything can happen if you go date now, still it is more like a movie story), but about a repetition of everything that you decided to stop. And in the end, you will face the second round of parting, this time even more painful.

    1. Avoid romantic memories

    Romantic memories are the most difficult thing that you have to deal with when breaking up with a partner. Those wonderful evenings when you walked along the seashore together, romantic deeds of your beloved, or early summer breakfasts on the partner’s balcony… Be sure you will find something to remember, so make yourself keep silent about the past and interrupt the speech of your partner if they decide to tread on the forbidden ground.

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