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    Analyzing The Five Most Common Types Of Truck Accidents

    Analyzing The Five Most Common Types Of Truck Accidents

    Motor accidents involving trucks have significant consequences for the people involved, no matter what their type may be.

    They almost always result in financial loss, as well as mental and physical stress.

    Compared to car accidents, truck accidents cause more monetary damage and fatalities. Drivers must be aware of the types and causes of truck accidents so they know how they might be able to prevent them, and what to do if they find themselves in one.

    According to Queens truck accident lawyer James Galleshaw, the steps you take immediately following a truck accident have a substantial impact on the compensation you can get for your injuries and losses. Thus, knowing potential complications with truck accidents and how to deal with them are key.

    Below, we will look at five of the most common types of truck accidents.

    Head-on Collision

    These types of accidents are always disastrous and usually fatal because of the heavyweight and volume of the colliding truck. Fortunately, head-on collisions are rare. Unfortunately, when they do occur, they usually happen at high speeds.

    They occur mostly when one of the drivers loses control of his vehicle and swerves into the oncoming traffic. The other driver does not have enough time to avoid a crash. Distracted or drunk driving, as well as tough schedules with long hours of driving may be factors responsible for losing control of the steering wheel.

    Rear-End Truck Accidents

    Owing to the massive size and enormous weight of the trucks, it is challenging for the drivers to stop a large vehicle as quickly and efficiently as they do with cars. Trucks require at least 5 to 8 seconds to stop themselves after the application of brakes. So, there are bright chances for the vehicle going in front of a heavy truck to get hit from behind. The truck drivers should keep a distance of 5 to 6 seconds from the next vehicle to avoid a rear-end collision.

    Under-Ride Accidents

    An under-ride accident is also like a rear-end accident but just the other way round. Instead of a heavy truck hitting the rear end of a small vehicle, it so happens that a small vehicle like a car hits the back end of a tractor-trailer and under-rides it till the driver applies brakes. This type of accident can be fatal and is avoided only if the driver keeps an appropriate distance from trucks ahead of them.

    Side Impact Accident

    This is a less occurring accident, but whenever it happens, it causes the worst damages to both property and life. This is because a heavy truck smashes into the side of a vehicle with its full force and causes catastrophic injuries both to the vehicle and the occupants. Such accidents often occur at a U-turn spot, at a crossroad, at a traffic signal when a driver tries to run through a red light, or at a stopping point where a driver tries to rush through it.

    Roll-Over Accidents

    A rollover accident is a result when a truck rolls over, causing severe damage to the property and the lives involved. The cause of this accident is the lack of control on the steering on the part of the driver because of over-speeding and overloading. These two factors become very dangerous or risky around corners, curves or roundabouts. This accident doesn’t allow a truck driver to escape with minor or no injuries as he or she might with other truck accidents.

    Knowing the reasons for these most common truck accidents help you to take precaution while driving on highways. Stay alert and stay safe while driving on roads as life is precious.

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