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    Author Of ‘Choosing College’ Encourages Students To Take A Gap Year

    Author Of ‘Choosing College’ Encourages Students To Take A Gap Year

    In a new interview with C.M. Rubin, the founder of CMRubinWorld, Michael Horn, discusses the benefits of a discovery year for high school graduates.

    Among these benefits are the opportunities to explore personal interests and build social capital.

    New research indicates that since Covid-19, almost a quarter of students are rethinking college plans, including taking a gap year. A potential semester online, plus restrictions in travel and high tuition costs, are the main drivers of students’ decisions.

    In a new interview with C.M. Rubin, Michael Horn, the founder of CMRubinWorld and author of ‘Choosing College,’ speaks about the future of education during the pandemic.

    Horn states that a gap year should be viewed as a discovery year that can help individuals learn what their strengths are and “what pathways exist,” and even how they can “contribute to the world.” He advises turning this year of discovery into “gap bursts,” using jobs, internships, apprenticeships and online courses to help students get on a path to success.

    In what he refers to as a “year of discovery,” Horn encourages freshly high school graduates to consider “anything that sparks [their] curiosity,” and to reflect on each step of the way.

    Read the full article and watch the video here.

    Michael Horn speaks and writes about the future of education, and works with a portfolio of education organizations to improve the life of each and every student.

    He is the author of ‘Choosing College,’ a book that strips away the noise around college to help students and parents understand why they are going to school, and how to make better choices, as well as aids schools in designing better experiences. He is also the co-founder and a distinguished fellow at the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation.

    CMRubinWorld’s award-winning series, The Global Search for Education, brings together distinguished thought leaders in education and innovation from around the world to explore the key learning issues faced by most nations. The series has become a highly visible platform for global discourse on 21st century learning, offering a diverse range of innovative ideas which are presented by the series founder, C. M. Rubin, together with the world’s leading thinkers.

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