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    Best Delta 8 Hemp Flower Brands Reviewed

    Best Delta 8 Hemp Flower Brands Reviewed

    Delta 8 is one of the most exciting examples of mother nature.

    While the CBD industry is growing at the speed of light, people are more and more interested in trying different phytocannabinoids. One of the relatively new phytocannabinoids is delta 8.

    From the moment it appeared on the cannabis market, delta-8 hemp flower received a lot of attention from cannabis users. A few years ago, there was no relative study about delta 8, and people were confused about its properties and effects.

    Most of them still think delta-8 is closely related to its cousin delta 9, but there’s a significant difference between these two cannabis compounds. While delta 9 has psychoactive properties, delta 8 is an isomer with milder effects.

    This minor cannabinoid cannot cause intoxication, and people can enjoy the famous “high feeling” without being disabled to function normally. That is one reason why delta-8 hemp flower is the hottest topic in the cannabis community.

    We decided to list some of the top delta-8 brands in 2021 and help you choose your supplier.


    8delta8 is one of the most trusted delta 8 hemp flower brands, and that’s why they deserve first place on our list. This company has a global reputation and lots of experience in the cannabis field. We can freely say that 8delta8 is dominating the cannabis market for quite some time.

    They are striving to be transparent in production and provide all the information to their customers. This brand has package labeling with all listed ingredients they use to make specific products. You can also find all these pieces of information on their official website.

    Their most significant advantage they have over many other brands is the purity of products. Almost every product you can find on 8delta8 is made of organic and pure hemp. Every product this brand sells goes through rigorous laboratory testing, which is also transparent and available to all website visitors.

    This company also offers many different high-quality delta-8 products like disposable vapes, edibles, distillates, and capsules. All these products are safe and free of chemicals and additives. In addition, a good product flavor is a priority to this brand.

    Plain Jane

    Plain Jane is one serious brand and incredibly valued delta 8 THC high. Even though many people know about this brand because of its wide offer of CBD products, Plain Jane recently became involved in a very serious hemp business. In addition to the wide range of CBD products, this brand has recently expanded its business to other phytocannabinoids. As a result, this company now has a unique offer that goes from delta-8 flowers to various types of hemp cigarettes.

    Plain Jane is a very trustworthy brand also. Even though this company sources only high-quality hemp for their products, they promised to keep the lowest possible product prices and are successful in that decision. That’s why you can always find a high-quality delta-8 hemp flower at Plain Jane for under $10.

    Like any other trustworthy and reputable brand, they always improve the quality of products they offer. So, you can find evident proof that this brand has the certificate of analysis which is not the case with all manufacturers and vendors. This brand is well-known among cannabis users because of its excellent reputation and credibility. That’s what makes them one of the top brands on the market.

    Industrial Hemp Farms

    Another fantastic brand on our list is Industrial Hemp Farms company. Industrial Hemp Farms is one of those brands that are dominating the cannabis market. They are one of the biggest competitors to all brands in the market.

    This company is vertically integrated, and that means they are involved in every step of the production, including growing hemp plants in one of their farms. Also, the company experts are in charge of the extraction of each cannabinoid, terpene, and flavonoid which their products contain. Because of their supply chain, Industrial Hemp Products are much cheaper and affordable for everyone’s wallet. They can also be the best brand option to buy delta-8 hemp flowers in bulk because of the pretty wide offer they have.

    If you take a look at their website, you can see that they have so many different delta-8 infused products from concentrates, gummies, distillates to hemp flowers, and delta-8 vape pens. This is everything a brand needs to offer on the market to become one of the leaders in the cannabis industry. Like every other credible brand, Industrial Hemp Farms products are all lab-tested and safe. The company has hired a third-party laboratory for that job, and all the reports are transparent and visible on their official website.


    MoonWlkr is one of the newest brands on the cannabis market. Many brands in the cannabis industry have started producing CBD products first, but not MoonWlkr. This brand was created to experiment with delta 8 compounds and to make specifically delta 8 infused products.

    The brand’s focus on producing only delta-8 products has met with great approval from many cannabis users. Since then, the brand has been striving to place the best and most unique delta-8 products on the market. As a result, MoonWlkr is the current leader in consistency and innovation. The company sells high-quality delta-8 hemp flowers using only award-winning terpenes and flavors. They also have unique bends in their offer that the cannabis market hasn’t seen before. Like every other credible brand, MoonWlkr is testing every batch they produce.

    They also have a high level of transparency, so you can find all the lab reports on their official website. Needless to say that these lab reports are proof of quality and a guarantee that the company is doing serious business. This brand is maybe the best option for people who are still skeptical about the delta 8 compound and its benefits and properties. This company has experts that work 24/7 like customer support agents, and they are eager to explain every doubt people have about delta 8.


    Bloomble is one of those brands for people who love buying in bulk. They precisely offer an option to choose a bulk size of the delta-8 hemp flowers you want to buy. In addition, this brand appeared on the market with a wide offer of different CBD products beneficial to overall health.

    They have recently expanded their offer and started to distribute other cannabis products. That’s how they ended up on our list of top brands. This company is very dedicated when it comes to product quality. Every product and hemp flower they sell is laboratory tested and safe for consumption. If you visit their website, you can check lab-testing results because they keep them visible. All results are recent, and sometimes they test every batch as well.

    Bloomble also has one of the lowest prices on the market for delta-8 hemp flowers. This price, of course, is not because of the poorer quality in question, but to maintain customer loyalty and satisfaction. In addition, their delta-8 hemp flowers are free of pesticides and GMOs that can be harmful to health.

    Delta Efexx

    Delta Efexx is one of the most exclusive and well-known cannabis brands. This company has high-quality and potent delta-8 products in its offer. Besides that, the company pays a lot of attention to keep their customers safe. Each Delta Efexx product, including the hemp flowers, needs to pass strict laboratory testing before being released for sale. These tests are performed in laboratories licensed by ISO and the FDA. The main goal of the brand is to focus on the therapeutic properties of the delta 8 compound.

    Their delta-8 hemp flowers have the bare minimum of delta 9 infused, and that makes them one of the few that achieved such a standard. When you visit the Delta Efexx website, you can see that they are not only focused on selling hemp flowers. Their offer range is much broader. Although many people know this company because of the delta-8 vape cartridges, they are constantly expanding their offer with various delta-8 products. This brand is trying to keep up the standards, and they are successful in that.

    Mr. Hemp Flower

    Mr. Hemp Flower has become one of the most striking brands on the market. For some time now, this brand has been the most reliable to all users of cannabis products. The hemp they use for their products grows in the best possible conditions, so the products are of high quality. After proving in the CBD business, Mr. Hemp Flower has significantly expanded its offering. In doing so, they remained with their primary mission to keep this brand known for natural and unprocessed products. This brand has unique variations of various hemp products and a vast range of offers.

    What can be noticed is that this brand has a large selection of unique products that can very rarely be found on the market. As for the offer of delta-8 hemp flowers, they have different combinations of strains that many have not heard of so far. This makes them one of the most dedicated to the cannabis market. In addition to being highly committed to uniqueness, each product must pass rigorous laboratory tests. The policy of this brand is that every customer must be satisfied and safe.


    3chi is maybe the most popular brand on the cannabis market. It is also one of the most prominent vendors you can find. This brand was originally created for the experiment and now is one of the most credible and reputable brands.

    The 3chi was founded by a biochemist who has been working on discovering the potentially beneficial properties of cannabis. He succeeded, and 3chi became the first cannabis brand in the USA. All these events have influenced this company to further explore the benefits of delta-8 and develop new products by blending cannabinoids.

    While doing so, 3chi has managed what no one else has. To have their delta-8 strain certified as safe to use. Although this company achieved so much, they are still very modest and persistent. This brand’s products are affordable for everyone’s budget.

    A team of professionals is running the blog on 3chi’s official website, where you can learn everything you want to know about the delta 8 compound. Also, if you need a delta-8 flower to treat medical conditions like anxiety or stress, you can check with their live agents and get a recommendation.

    The most important is that if you find a perfect delta-8 hemp flower, 3chi will never disappoint you in terms of quality.


    ATLRx is a company with an excellent reputation and credibility. This brand was created to be a family business. Members of the same family wanted to find a way to enhance their health and lifestyle with natural products. So they started to research the effects and properties of cannabidiol and concluded that CBD is an alternative medicine for various conditions.

    After that, the family decided to continue with the business and raise the offer to a higher level. They started to experiment with hemp flowers and their derivatives. Although their main goal was to produce only delta-8 vape cartridges, their offer is now much more comprehensive.

    They now have various delta-8 infused products on offer, from delta-8 hemp flowers to delta-8 diamonds, which are innovations in the cannabis industry. All of their products are lab-tested and free of chemicals and additives. They also have vegan products, which are probably the reason for the enormous number of loyal customers.


    Since the cannabis market has become abnormally large, it is difficult to list all the brands. So far, these are some of the best brands you can find on the market in 2021, and we’re sure that there’ll be plenty more of them. We hope that you will find a suitable brand for your requirements on this list.


    • Emma
      May 13, 2022

      Someone uses this tool for entertainment, and someone for medicinal purposes. In any case, I am convinced that the most important thing is to choose a really high-quality product and the right dosage. You can find hemp dispensary here

    • Veronika
      June 29, 2022

      That’s right, this remedy will work really well if you choose a cool manufacturer for yourself. In addition, you can find it in various forms, I like it in the form of gummies, there are many delicious options here

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