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    A Beginner’s Guide To The Most Popular Marijuana Strains

    A Beginner’s Guide To The Most Popular Marijuana Strains

    Marijuana strains, like people, aren’t created equal.

    Marijuana has over 700 different strains, and many of them produce different effects. One strain can energize you like a cup of coffee, while another can make you as mellow as a cat sunning itself. The number of marijuana strains from which to choose can be overwhelming, especially for a beginner.

    Experiencing marijuana for the first time, whether for leisure or medical purposes, can be a defining moment. A not-so-good first experience can color your perspective and may put you off from cannabis and its medicinal benefits. Getting the most out of your first experience with cannabis is, therefore, crucial.

    Experiencing marijuana for the first time can be a—to paraphrase Neil Armstrong—’one small step for a stoner, one giant leap for a beginner’ situation. It’s a significant event. If you’re a beginner, this guide will help you navigate the most popular marijuana strains and their effects.

    An Overview Of Marijuana Strains

    Cannabis strains are variations resulting from a genetic mutation or a descendant of a modified marijuana plant. Most marijuana strains result from crossbreeding, and these strains determine the chemical makeup, medicinal effects, and plant appearance. Also called ‘chemical variations’ or ‘chemovars,’ these are bred to produce the desired characteristics, like the following:

    • Appearance
    • Potency
    • Effects
    • Aroma

    Euphoria, sleepiness, and increased appetite—all typical effects of marijuana with which many people are familiar are distinctive characteristics of some cannabis strains. Many of these strains come from two main cannabis strains: Sativa and Indica.

    Sativa, generally, has an energizing effect, as opposed to Indica, which is said to be relaxing. A lot of marijuana strains from these two, collectively known as ‘hybrids,’ have characteristics that depend on which major strain is more dominant.

    To give you an idea, check out the cereal milk cannabis strain review at Stiiizy. Cereal milk comes from a Sativa phenotype, so you know how the product may affect you. To know more about hybrids, you can also check Greasy Monkey strain, the result of crossing the Gorilla Glue #4 and Cookies and Cream strains.

    Popular Marijuana Strains For Beginners

    There are several things you should consider when you’re a cannabis beginner. You’d want to look at potency levels, THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), and CBD (Cannabidiol) content. Finding the right strain for you depends on the experience you want to have.

    Below are some of the popular marijuana strains for beginners:

    Blue Dream

    Blue Dream’s THC content averages about 21% to 24% and is well-known among smokers. It’s a Sativa-dominant weed strain that relaxes and soothes yet won’t make you feel sedated. Blue Dream calms you but doesn’t sedate you. It may also relieve pain, inflammation, or cramps.

    The strain may also help alleviate anxiety and stress. It has a pleasant taste, peppery and herbal, that makes it approachable. Blue Dream is an excellent introduction to cannabis strains.

    Sour Diesel

    This weed strain can boost your energy and help you get that extra jolt of productive energy. Sour Diesel is also known for its analgesic effect and as a stress reliever. This strain acts fast and is popular among creative people. Sour D’s THC content is typically between 17% and 25%.

    If you plan to hang out and chill with friends or have a task requiring creativity, Sour D is the strain for you.

    Granddaddy Purple

    A noticeable characteristic of Granddaddy Purple, or GDP, is its purple flowers. It also tastes and smells like grapes and berries and can make you highly relaxed. And because this strain only has around 17% THC content, it gives a lighter buzz compared to other strains.

    GDP may be excellent for treating nausea, muscle spasms, insomnia, and loss of appetite.


    This strain has a balanced CBD and THC content, which is perfect for beginners wary of marijuana’s psychotropic effects, but want its pain-alleviating properties. Compared to other strains, Cannatonic has a high CBD content of 12% to 14%, considered high for a weed strain.

    Cannatonic’s THC, on the other hand, averages 7% to 8%. The strain can help you relax but won’t knock you out. Its high CBD content may help ease anxiety, stress, muscle spasms, and headaches. It tastes sweet and citrusy and leaves a touch of herbs and spices as you exhale.

    Northern Lights

    Northern Lights, or NL, was created during the 70s and quickly became one of the most popular weed strains. Its THC content ranges from 16% to 21%, making it among the most potent weed strains available today. It gives a euphoric high and has a sweetish taste with spicy aromas.

    NL has many variations, with some having an energizing effect. However, NL is typically soporific, so NL is often enjoyed at nighttime. Like the other cannabis strains, NL may help alleviate insomnia, pain, anxiety, and stress.

    Due to its high THC content, a few puffs are probably enough for a beginner who wants to try smoking this weed strain.


    Like Cannatonic, this strain also has a high CBD content. Its high-CBD and low-THC characteristic makes it suitable for weed newbies. It can make you relaxed without feeling intoxicated or sedated. And like Cannatonic, Harlequin’s high CBD content may help treat conditions like anxiety, pain, and depression.

    Harlequin contains 4% to 10% THC, while its CBD content averages 6% to 15%. The ratio of CBD to THC averages is about 5:2, making this strain an excellent introduction for a weed newbie.

    Harlequin has a flavor profile that ranges from mango-like to earthy.


    Marijuana strains number almost a thousand. For a beginner, choosing one can be overwhelming. Choosing the right product depends on what experience you want to have. This article lists the most popular strains, their characteristics, medicinal values, THC and CBD content, and flavor profiles to help you navigate the intricacies of choosing the right weed strain.

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