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    Why Vaping Is A Great Introductory Way To Smoke Cannabis

    Why Vaping Is A Great Introductory Way To Smoke Cannabis

    The consumption of marijuana has been a favorite pastime of many people around the world, this is not any different for America.

    The legalization of marijuana in the state of Colorado in 2012 began a movement and today 15 states have legalized it for recreational usage, with 5 being this year.

    More than half of Americans have dabbled with the usage of marijuana at least once in their lives while nearly 55 million adults are current smokers. When it comes to support for the legalization of weed, 83% of Americans are in favor of smoking marijuana for medicinal uses while 49% are in favor of the legalization for recreational uses, showing that the stigma surrounding weed is slowly falling away. But one thing that is almost synonymous with the consumption of marijuana is the consumption of tobacco, which shows in statistics as 59 million Americans are cigarette smokers.

    Mixing tobacco with marijuana may improve the taste but it has negative consequences such as anxiety and irritability, unhealthy teeth, persistent coughing, heart disease, high cholesterol, and worst of all lung cancer. This is why vaping is a great introductory way to smoking weed.

    When it comes to choosing a vaporizer we recommend checking out the range of options available on Smoke Cartel they have a large selection whether you want a small one to carry around or a tabletop one for at home.

    Better for the lungs

    It is well documented that smoking weed is healthier than smoking cigarettes, however, that does not mean there are no negative effects. Regular smoking of marijuana causes visible and microscopic injury to the respiratory system and is associated with an increased likelihood of chronic bronchitis, this is why vaping is better for the lungs. Vaping applies heat at a much lower temperature than conventional methods of smoking weed, just enough for the resin glands to be transformed into steam.

    There are far fewer negative effects on the body, such as fewer hazardous byproducts and reduced production of tar because the vapor is produced at lower temperatures. Many people find that transitioning to using a vape to smoke marijuana is easier by using a dry herb vaporizer. Firefly, the producers of vaporizers, has essentially perfected the process by using technology that only vaporizes the contents of a bowl as the user inhales to cut down on wasted plant material. For dry herb vapes, the Vapocorner store offers an extensive range of options and accessories, making it a fantastic destination for all your vaping needs.

    A different high

    There is a report notably different high when vaping marijuana compared to smoking it. The most notable difference between the two highs is that vaping marijuana produces a clearer high. Other differences include less cognitive impairing which means that people are able to be more functional and have an easier time focusing on tasks or staying productive. The high causes much less short-term memory disruptions and a person doesn’t feel as disoriented or confused.

    The other main difference is in terms of how the high is experienced; vaping marijuana results in a more uplifting and energetic high. This is also due to the boiling point of all the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids that all have different boiling points that vaporize at different temperatures. The recommended boiling point for achieving a different high is 200 degrees Celsius (392 degrees Fahrenheit) or less, anything more than that and unwanted substances are burned. This means that to effectively enjoy the high that is produced by vaping marijuana it is highly recommended to get a vaporizer that allows the user access to precise temperature control.

    Discretion and smell

    The familiar smell of cannabis isn’t experienced when vaping marijuana since vape pens don’t require combustion. This means that smoking indoors is now possible because there is no thick smoke with a strong smell that will linger on clothes, furniture, linen, curtains etc. While terpenes do add a pleasant smell to the vaping process, the removal of them has certain benefits, mainly the ability to be discreet about the consumption. The vapor created when vaping doesn’t travel very far and dissipates quite quickly as it is not as heavy as traditional smoke. This allows for people to get high on the go without needing to worry about the smell.

    This is also largely possible due to the fact that a person can measure the exact does that they will be using. As a result, people have excellent control over the high that they want to reach, meaning that they are able to not overdo it when need be.

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