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    Effective Tips To Help Your Dog Overcome Anxiety

    Effective Tips To Help Your Dog Overcome Anxiety

    Man’s best friend is a common phrase heard when describing a dog and for good reason.

    They are loyal companions that will stick by you through thick and thin, no matter the situation. They will wait for you by the front door whenever you go out and show you the kind of love that’s unconditional upon your return.

    Not only that but you’ll have an enormous amount of fun with them adventuring through nature on many of your daily walks, whether it be local or further afield. But what happens when you notice your dog isn’t behaving in its normal happy-go-lucky personality? You could spend weeks trying to find out what the main reason is and never think about the fact they could be suffering from anxiety. Unfortunately, anxiety in dogs is a real problem. In the present era, pet owners are said to be giving CBD dog treats to their dogs to relax them and overcome anxiety. Here we are going to take a look at some effective tips to help your pooch overcome it.

    More Exercise!

    You might be thinking that your dog gets enough exercise throughout the day and in some cases, you might be right. Every breed requires a dramatically different exercise schedule and that’s something you should be well aware of before even thinking about purchasing a four-legged friend. It’s important to remember that they will also go through stages of their lives in which they will need either more or less exercise, depending on their age. An elderly dog isn’t going to want to head out on an 8 hours hike up a mountain.

    Anxiety can often give a dog excess energy and it’s something they are going to need to either process or work off, so taking them out on a few extra walks a week to try and help them is only going to be beneficial. Much like humans, exercise will give off positive endorphins which will help fight off any stressful feelings.

    Establish a Safe Place

    One of the more common problems heard around dogs is separation anxiety which can happen at any point of the day when left alone. Leaving the house can become a chore if the only thing you can hear is your pup whining and barking from inside. Not only does it happen when leaving, but bedtime can be a testing time for your furry friend too. Being left alone downstairs and not knowing when your owner is going to reappear is mentally testing, especially for rescue dogs.

    The best thing to do in this situation is to establish a safe space for them to understand and trust, just because they have been left doesn’t mean you aren’t going to return. The advice given by the experts from this website is to introduce a safe place in stages, throwing them into the deep end is only going to induce more fear and in turn, more anxiety. Start by showing them the designated safe space when you are around, proving that you aren’t going to go anywhere. Following this, you can start having time periods out of sight that increases as the days go by. Eventually, you’ll have a well-trained pooch that’s happy to see you when you return.

    Lot’s Of Distraction

    As humans, we are exactly the same. If there are lots of things on our mind and we have the ability to think about them then we will often stress out and fall into waves of extreme anxiety. Distraction is good for us for a limited period of time but it’s fantastic for dogs over long periods of time. Ensure your pup has plenty of toys to play with so they don’t think about anything else. There is obviously a line between having enough and spoiling your dog and if the line is crossed your help might have the opposite effect.

    Listen To Music

    Something I used to do with my dog, Bracken, whenever I left the house was putting the radio on. This helped enormously with him as the voices that continued to talk for hours on end left him feeling as though he had some company around him. He definitely had his favourite choices of which radio station was played and I’d like to say he kicked up a fuss when I left the wrong one on, but he didn’t.

    Leaving music, or a radio station on when leaving the house will soothe your dog and make them think they haven’t been left alone, a brilliant method that’s relatively inexpensive to help with their anxiety.

    In reality, we don’t really deserve the kind-hearted nature of dogs as they are some of the most loving animals on the planet. We have, however, been blessed with their presence so we best do our bit to make sure they have a decent life when living with us. Even if you suspect your dog doesn’t suffer from anxiety I would still recommend doing at least one of these points to help them along their way, you never know when they might start suffering.

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