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    Fun Activities You Can Do With Your Friends At Home

    Fun Activities You Can Do With Your Friends At Home

    Gathering your friends around is always a treat.

    However, when you can’t venture out to new places, it can be tricky to maintain fun and fulfilling plans. On the other hand, staying home provides endless possibilities for creativity. With that said, you’ll never be bored again once you see all the fun hobbies we have to offer.

    Read on to learn some fun activities you can do with your friends at home.

    Act in a Game of Charades

    If you’re looking for a fun way to entertain your friends at home, Charades is always a great ice-breaker. This game will have even the shyest among you come out of their shell. You’ll all liven up as you attempt to act out movies, song titles, and more. Pair this up with some drinks and finger food and no one will ever want to leave.

    Unleash Your Artistry with Pictionary

    So you think you can draw? Well, you can prove it with a game of good old Pictionary. This game is just as much fun for the artistically-challenged folks as it is for the artists. Whether you can draw or not doesn’t matter as it still can be incredibly difficult to figure out what the picture actually is. Either way, trying to guess each person’s work of art is bound to get everyone cracking up. However, some tempers may flare.

    Play Board Games

    Nothing brings friends together quite like a competitive activity such as a board game. There might be some sore losers in your circle, but overall the night will be filled with lots of laughter. Consider monopoly to really get your juices flowing if you’ve got a competitive streak. However, one of the biggest fan-favorites to play at a house gathering is Scrabble as this word game tends to keep you on your toes. Plus, using a word unscrambler tool will help you find words even if your rack holds some unfortunate letter tiles – this will definitely amp up the game. In addition to that, you can pull out a deck of cards as there are numerous games you can play such as Slap Jack, Gin Rummy, Go Fish among others. Furthermore, playing UNO always brings the fun and the funny. Codenames is also a game that you can play with friends. Here’s codenames rules if you need them.

    Host A Mystery Theme Party

    Host a party where you can play murder mystery games to get your friends together and have an exciting experience. Ask each guest to come dressed up in a costume and have them all interact with each other while trying to solve a mystery. You can also put a prize for the guest who solves the mystery first. It’s also a great way to test your problem-solving skills while having a good time.

    Baking Goods

    We all want to snack during a friendly hangout, but baking them yourself is part of the fun when you’ve got friends gathered round. A great activity for the gang to partake in is to bake some goodies for the event. You can take a stab at baking brownies, chocolate chip cookies, or go for some savory dishes such as tortilla chips and salsa. After all, baking it together will be just as much of a bonding experience as eating it together.

    Do a Thousand-Piece Puzzle

    Now this one isn’t for everyone, definitely not for the faint-hearted. We say this because the courage, patience, and perseverance needed to complete a thousand-piece puzzle is not instilled in everyone. If you’re up for it and can rest assured that you won’t drive any of your friends mad, opt for this challenging activity.

    Host a BBQ

    On a lighter note, hosting a barbecue is a great idea as no one can turn this event down. Your friends will be so thrilled that they’ll be begging for this to become a weekly occurrence. Pop some burgers and sausages on the grill and enjoy a flavorful feast. Whether it’s summer or not, you can always make it feel like it is.

    Host a Movie Night

    Perhaps the easiest and most cost-effective way to host an event is to go for the classic movie night. Whether you and your friends are fans of the horror genre or prefer something more light-hearted such as a romantic comedy, a home cinematic experience is always a good idea.

    After all, there’s just something so cozy about gathering together and snuggling up with a film and of course, thou shall not host a movie night without popcorn.

    Have a Scavenger Hunt

    For a more active adventure, consider a scavenger hunt. This is especially fun if you’re into mysteries and like a little intrigue. Pick an item to hide somewhere in your home and distribute out clues to help your friends find it. One clue has to lead to the next to help them go in the right direction and to make it extra fun and silly, make the clues rhyme. Although, it’s important to note that you better have a prize ready for the winner. The great thing about a scavenger hunt is that you’ll make memories with this activity that you’ll be talking about for years to come.

    Whether you’re a board game type of person or a little more adventurous, there is an activity for every personality out there. Socializing can be made much more fun with the right game or activity, especially if you’re spending the night in. Choose the activity of your choice and make some memories.

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