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    How To Check To See If Your Car Has Been In An Accident

    How To Check To See If Your Car Has Been In An Accident

    If the car that you have just bought has started making some very strange sounds, or if it is leaking, stalling, and rattling, then you may have bought a car that has been in a crash before.

    If you have your doubts or if you want to give yourself some peace of mind, then simply look below to see if there is anything that you can do to carry out your own checks.

    Key Indicators

    Some of the key indicators that your car has been in an accident can include paint inconsistencies. Paint that has not been tampered with in any way should have a very clear reflection. You should also make sure that the color is even all over. Look out for things such as a distorted reflection in the paint, or where the paint goes from a metallic color to a gloss. Slight color differences should also be taken into account.

    It’s important to know that bumpers on slightly older cars can easily appear lighter, so don’t assume that this means that your car has been in an accident if you can see this. If you want to do some more checks then make sure that you look out for the fresh paint or the undercoat showing. Overspray can indicate that the car has been damaged before and has since been repaired. It may be that if your car has undergone a poor quality respray, that the panel around the lights is slightly darker in color.

    If you notice that the doors are misaligned or that there are gaps in the panels then this can also indicate damage. You have to make sure that the panels are flush with one another if you can. Compare how the panels are on each side of the car and look at how they are put together. If you notice a gap on one side but there is no gap on the other, then this is a big warning sign. If you have been in an accident yourself and are now in the market for a new car, remember you can always hire a car accident injury lawyer.


    The car might look great on the outside, but you do need to dig a little deeper if you can. You need to check the boot, especially under the lining so that you can see if there is any damage to the back of the car. You should take note of any bolts that do not match under the hood or any redrilled holes. Damaged radiator supports also indicate that the car has been in an accident, along with hinges that are different in color. Large patches of filler under the paint or even on the inside panels can also work against you.


    The tires should be all at the same level of wear. If you have tires that are worn unevenly then this could mean that the tracking needs adjusting. This is normal, and it doesn’t indicate that there is a problem but at the same time, it could mean that the car has been damaged and that it now needs straightening out. It may be that the chassis needs realigning. If you want to make sure that this isn’t the case, then ask the person who is selling the car if any alignment work has been done recently. You can test the alignment by simply reversing. Don’t put your hands on the wheel though, and check the tire tracks. If possible, this should be done with surface water.

    Get the Car Checked Over

    Unfortunately, it would seem that not every seller out there is trustworthy. It helps to get the car history checked out and it also helps to get a mechanic to check the car over too. If you can do this then you can make sure that there are not going to be any future issues. There are websites that give you the chance to check the database for your car, but you will have to pay a fee for this. That being said, the fee is nearly always worth paying as it gives you the peace of mind you need to make the best decision possible.

    Of course, if you have bought a car that has in fact been in an accident then you may still be able to claim a discount. Talk to the person who sold you the car originally to see if they can give you some help. You can also try and get a refund if the damage is extensive.

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    • William Hayes
      March 26, 2021

      But even before going to check the car, make sure you get its history online. Nowadays there are many services like carvertical or carfax that can you provide all the information needed, as well as previous damage or any accidents report. In digital age, all the information is available online and the damage entries will never disappear from the report, so I believe it’s the best way to make sure you are getting a reliable car.

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