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    How To Feed A Picky And Sensitive Cat

    How To Feed A Picky And Sensitive Cat

    Cats are characterized as being mysterious, unique, and often stubborn.

    If your cat is constantly turning its nose away from their food bowl, then you might be dealing with a sensitive cat that requires extra attention on your part regarding her daily menu. Cats have a shortlist of priorities; they only care about sleeping and lap naps, but there is no way food isn’t on the top of that list.

    It’s their main motivator. They have very specific eating habits. For example, cats prefer eating in a safe environment when they are not being watched. Even if our cats are domesticated, they still share the same instincts, preferences, and habits as cats in the wild.

    If you are dealing with a finicky feline whenever it’s mealtime, then here is your very-needed guide on how to get these picky babies to eat.

    Make Sure There Is Nothing Wrong

    Cats are not big fans of change. They don’t like to move houses or change their eating habits. If your feline friend suddenly starts changing their eating habits, especially if they are eating less than normal, this means that they might be suffering from an underlying condition so you must give them hypoallergenic cat food. Sometimes, felines refuse to eat or eat less than normal when they are going through emotional turmoil just like humans.

    If your cat recently lost a companion whether it is a dog, another cat, or a person, then their grief and depression might start affecting their appetite. In this case, you must start showering your cat with extra love and attention, maybe even pamper them with new toys. Just like humans, cats cheer up when they are showered with affection. On the other hand, if your cat has always been picky when it comes to their food, then it is probably a personality trait that does not indicate any issues neither on a physical or emotional level.

    Check for Sensitive Tummies

    In some cats, pickiness just indicates a sensitive stomach. Just like humans, as we grow up, we become more aware of what turns our stomach. Cats are the same way. When cats take a good sniff of their foods and decide to walk away, then the type of food you are offering them might be the problem, especially if this type of food triggers allergies. To make sure that this is the situation you are dealing with, start looking closely for any signs such as diarrhea, vomiting, or hesitant eating. If your cat, however, has already been prescribed with a certain illness that might be triggering these signs such as kidney disease, then it’s essential that you only pick food options that have been made with this thought in mind.

    Cat specialists at clarify that kidney problems are sometimes behind increased urination or urinating outside the litter box. These problems can be managed with specific food options that cater to felines who are struggling with this issue.

    Mix It Up

    If your cat is completely refusing whatever food is in their bowls, then it’s probably time to start getting creative. Since dry food can lead to many health problems, yet it’s extremely beneficial for your cat’s teeth, try mixing dry food with other options. Wet food options on the market make it hard for your cat to say no to.

    You can either mix dry food with wet food or with some fresh foods to change the texture to be more appealing for your fussy cat. If you are at a complete loss on how to make more appealing and tastier meals, you can always hop on the internet. There is an abundance of different recipes that your cat will definitely appreciate. Usually, recipes that are designed specifically with picky cats in mind contain high protein, balanced levels of vitamins and minerals, and tasty grain-free foods to add to the flavor.

    Hearty Meals

    Some pet owners find their pets constantly bombarding their dinner tables even though the same pet always refuses to eat from their food bowl. This is a classic situation among many pet parents. The reason behind this behavior is that your cat is declining processed kibble options. They prefer fresh tasty and flavor-packed meals. In these situations, you need to train your feline baby to only eat from their bowls while making changes in their diets to depend mainly on fresh foods.

    There are many reasons behind a finicky cat; your cat might not always be stubborn or give an attitude. In many cases, alterations to your feline’s diet are essential to convince them to eat. Make it a habit to watch for any different signs in their behaviors to act accordingly.

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    • Olivia
      December 1, 2023

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