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    Important Points To Keep In Mind In Removing Bed Bugs

    Important Points To Keep In Mind In Removing Bed Bugs

    There are high chances that you know or heard of someone who had an unpleasant encounter with bed bugs.

    It could happen in any kind of environment including even clean spaces. In college dorms, office spaces, hotel rooms, and even residential areas bed bugs are staging a comeback.

    However, scientists are working intensively to study and suggest ways to detect and eradicate these bug infestations. The best strategy is to be in a position to avoid them altogether. But should they appear in a living space, there are practical-minded important points to keep in mind in removing bed bugs from the space as early as possible to thwart a potential explosive infestation.

    1. Where Did the Bugs Come from?

    Bed bugs are not a sign of untidy spaces. They hitch a ride in luggage, furniture, and other items that might find their way into a home. As such, there is no shame in finding bed bugs in your living space, and eradicating them should be the top priority.

    2. Could I Be Having Bed Bugs in My House Without Knowing?

    It is a possibility. Most times, the only way to tell of the presence of bed bugs in your house is once you get bitten. However, almost a third of people don’t have any reaction to these bites and could go for a while without noticing. The slow sensitivity to the bites may make one take longer to notice the infestation.

    To spot one would mean waking up in the dead of the night to spot them in their movements or a careful examination of spaces in the bed and other furniture. Another clue to spotting them would be their odor. When disturbed, they release a whiff of an odor, a very unpleasant odor that a good sense of smell can pick out.

    3. What Can I Do to Avoid the Infestation?

    Everything looks like a bed bug once the worry sets in. Therefore, for starters, it’s good to be able to distinguish between other insects and bed bugs. An adult bed bug is the size of an orange seed and brown in color. It is flattened when not fed and reddish with a circumference shape when fed.

    When travelling, it’s important to check the hotel rooms carefully. Additionally, a close examination or even precautionary fumigation of furniture before bringing into the home is advised. For those moving into new apartments, the landlord should provide detailed information on any history of the infestation.

    4. What Should I Do If I Suspect I Have Bed Bugs in My Space?

    The first action upon suspecting of an infestation would be to confirm it’s indeed bed bugs. A skin reaction may not be the conclusive indicator of bed bugs presence. The next course of action would be to try to spot the insect in the space you are in, save it in a pill bottle so that a professional can help identify it by the characteristics.

    Other bugs may give allergies or irritations and call for a different approach. It is therefore important to have a positive identification of the bug before taking eradication procedures.

    Trying to get rid of the infestation on your own is not the most recommended course of action. Once a bed bug control operator confirms the infestation, they advise you especially on not spreading things outside of the room with the bed bugs. Clothes and linens should be passed through dyers and the washer as the bugs cannot withstand high temperatures.

    Heat treatment is perhaps one of the most reliable and effective approaches of getting rid of bed bugs. Pest control operator or a trained professional heats the rooms at a certain temperature, usually at around 50 degrees Celsius for a period of up to four hours. The heat might not penetrate into certain voids and desiccant dust is used instead. These are important points to keep in mind while removing bed bugs. However, there is no single strategy that can completely eradicate the bed bugs and it calls for a combination of strategies to get the desired results.

    5. What Mistakes Do People Make in Trying to Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

    DIY approaches are not exactly the best. They can expose you and others to toxic chemicals from the over-the-counter insecticides. Also, bed bugs are not easy to find or to reach by just insecticides and a non-professional can only address what they can see.

    6. Are There Tactics That Professionals Use That Don’t Work?

    Truth is, there is no single approach that gets 100% results. A good pest control operator develops suitable strategies based on certain particulars. These strategies may include dry ice sprays, steam, insecticides, and vacuuming or a combination of all.

    An important thing to know is that a professional can get the job done. Check out our website: for more information and let us help you get rid of the irritant that is bed bugs.

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