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    What Would The World Look Like Without Interior Design

    What Would The World Look Like Without Interior Design

    Interior design is not universal, it is unique to every individual.

    Without the opportunity to design our homes and cultivate comfort zones entirely special and meaningful to our personalities, the world would certainly appear miserable and dreary.

    Interior design, in one way or another, has existed since the inception of early man, from wall paintings to animal hides decorating the interiors of caves across the world. Interior design is an art, taught by universities and the professionals of this website and other independent agencies. Designing our homes or offices to our specifications can be therapeutic and mind-easing. It is impossible to theorize a world without interior design because as humans, it is in our DNA to design and arrange things around us to reflect our personalities and quirks.

    How Would We Survive Without Interior Design?

    So, let’s theorize that we live in an alternate universe wherein it is illegal to rearrange or redesign where you live according to your tastes; it sounds pretty sci-fi if you ask me. But let’s go with it. Let’s see where it will take us. The act of designing altogether is forbidden in this alternate universe; every house must look entirely the same, every wall gray and all floors the same dark shade of linoleum. The apartment buildings are solid concrete, the house’s concrete, and the building’s concrete. Any form of design alteration is an imprisonable offense.

    Melancholy would pervade our ordinary sense of upbeatness. Gray, miserable, and uninspired, the landscape would be oppressive and overwhelming. Workers marching together one by one going to their respective workplaces, all bearing the same unwaning depression, the catalyst for which is the inability to express themselves and turn their chaos outwards.

    Our Homes Are Our Safezones

    After all, our homes are our safe zones. Our homes are a reflection of us, a chaotic person lives in chaos, an orderly person in order: but if we were restricted from living the way that we desire we would certainly be depressed and unwilling to do much. It is simple human psychology that you mark your territory with signs you are there; it is human nature, and animals too, to mark your territory to warn others away from encroaching.

    However, if you were forbidden from marking your territory, then who’s territory would it be? Even prisoners convicted of the most heinous crimes can design the interior of the cells; rugs, bedspreads, and pillows, posters, and everything else, they can mark their respective territories.

    How Would We Survive?

    Our lives certainly would be mundane to say the least. It is important to mention that if we feel uninspired in our homes it is more than likely our lives outside of our homes would be equally as uninspired and robotic. However, humanity perseveres and within no time there would be a social and cultural revolution – no dictator or imperialist regime has ever lasted the tale of time. Time heals all wounds, time brings justice, and time is fair. Although it seems in hindsight ignorantly time is working against us, this is not at all the case; time is in our favor, and time will always bring about a rightness to any inherent wrongs.

    It is unfathomable to suggest mankind would not bear control over the design of their own homes and this alternate reality is quite frankly unrealistic. No number of humans could be controlled to such a degree at any point: it is impossible. We would revolt, we would take up arms, we will not be dictated to in the comfort of our own homes. Even cavemen were awarded the ability to decorate their caves, and yet in the 21st century, we should be deprived of our right to not decorate our own homes? Impossible!

    It Just Isn’t Feasible!

    This alternate reality would not last very long, in my opinion. What would the world be like without interior design? It would not last very long, that is for sure. Humanity will always correct itself in the end.

    Interior design is fundamental to our survival. We believe that if we ate healthily and were physically fit that we would have a healthy mind, but this is frankly incorrect. A healthy mind has so many possible permutations to keep it in good order, assuming healthy eating and a good diet could keep you sane is incorrect.

    Each and every single one of us has our chaotic order unique to our personalities. To one person it may appear abstract, to us, it is a perfect jigsaw where every piece has its place. A world without our own space to change and make our own wouldn’t be worth living in.

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    • Kate
      July 24, 2022

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