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    New Study: The Rise In Demand For Side Hustles In 2023

    New Study: The Rise In Demand For Side Hustles In 2023

    As the pandemic shifted our mindsets toward a remote culture, now, on a parallel as recorded previously in June of 2022, 44% of Americans have a side job.

    Wisevoter, a bipartisan educational platform, analyzed the recent data on searches for side jobs from December 2022 to January 2023 compared to last year and 2020. The increase in searches is significant as Americans are searching for side jobs 49.8% more than last year and almost 70% compared to 2020.

    The search volume shows that the results are higher than ever. This can be attributed to the rising cost of living expenses due to inflation coupled with stagnant wages that don’t keep up with increasing financial pressures faced by many individuals across America today or the mindset shift since remote work has opened up a variety of freelancing and part-time job options.

    Some states are searching for side jobs more than others. Here are the top states:

    Side Hustle State Index

    (ranked in order of most searches)

    1. Idaho
    2. Indiana
    3. Utah
    4. Missouri
    5. Colorado
    6. Hawaii
    7. Nevada
    8. Kentucky
    9. Oklahoma
    10. Arizona
    11. Tennessee
    12. Alabama
    13. Arkansas
    14. Delaware
    15. Georgia

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    New Study: The Rise …

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