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    How To Add A Sprinkle Of Fun To A Wedding Day

    How To Add A Sprinkle Of Fun To A Wedding Day

    Your wedding day should be one of the happiest, most enjoyable days of your life – that’s really all there is to it! But even with this simple fact in mind, the planning of your big day can feel like a drag.

    It can feel like your wedding will have absolutely no fun to it and that your guests are going to yawn their way through the whole ceremony. And if this thought is currently bothering you, we’re here to help.

    Your wedding can be the perfect amount of fun you want to have and all you need are a few ideas to make it happen.

    Invite Your True Besties

    If there are people on the guestlist that neither you nor your partner is fussed about turning up, cross them off the list altogether. Not only does this narrow down the need for extra seats, food, and drinks, but it also ensures your closest circle are the only ones coming to the wedding. These are the people you truly love and hold dear and can have a laugh with. And when you’re surrounded by these kinds of friends and relatives, you’re going to have a great day no matter what!

    Put Up Some Funny Decorations

    A funny decoration here and there goes a long way to adding character to wedding decor. A cheeky banner, a funny quote, a post-dinner game that gets guests to mingle a little more – you can set up the fun from the beginning with some personal decorations! As long as the decor feels like you, as a couple, it’ll look great.

    Pose For Some Goofy Photos

    Often enough, the less seriously you take your wedding, the better! Sure you want to have a romantic day with the person you love and declare that in front of your friends and family, but when you allow yourself to goof off together, your true personalities shine through. And the Best wedding photographers out there will fully support you in taking funny photos that are meant to make people laugh. Take home some keepsakes of the big day that you’ll look back on fondly – a funny face, a toothy grin, and posing in the most ridiculous way you can think of is truly unique!

    Just Try to Go with the Flow!

    Keep in mind that a perfect day can exist in many ways. Even if you’re concerned about the band not being able to get there, you can still make a playlist in the 5 minutes you have now and connect that to the speakers! If you go with the flow, you’re much more likely to have a good time. It’ll put your guests at ease and help them to loosen up, and that always makes for a good night.

    If your wedding day isn’t shaping up the way you wanted it to, all you need is a sprinkle of fun. Use ideas like these to add a bit more enjoyment to your big day plans.

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