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    The Marriage Proposal: What You Should and Shouldn’t Do

    The Marriage Proposal: What You Should and Shouldn’t Do

    So you have found the woman of your dreams, and your relationship has blossomed into one that makes you feel on top of the world.

    You are now ready to take the next step – your marriage proposal. While you might imagine that this would be simple enough to do, there are still things to keep in mind to make sure that everything goes according to plan.

    Never having experienced it before, you may want to make the necessary preparations and seal the deal.

    In a marriage proposal, there are things that are expected, and those that you should try to avoid. These dos and don’ts ensure that this significant occasion is the most unforgettable and meaningful experience, not only for you but for your future bride. Read on to know what they are.

    What you should do

    • Make sure she is ready too. While you are both very much in love and committed to your relationship, your partner may not be as prepared as you are to tie the knot. You can tell if she isn’t ready when you have never discussed the prospect of marriage before, and she has not shown much interest in talking about it. This doesn’t mean that she loves you less. It may only be that she has other things planned before taking that final step. Marriage is a permanent commitment. Like you, she needs to be ready for it.
    • Choose the engagement ring that she will love. There are several factors involved in choosing the perfect engagement ring. It is all about her and what she would appreciate. Her personality can help you determine the type of ring she would love to wear and show off. You also need to understand her lifestyle, activities, and personal preferences. Another factor to consider is the budget you are setting aside to make the purchase. To help you make the right choice, visit locations and find the engagement ring of her dreams.
    • Practice your lines. Your marriage proposal will be extra-special if you have a few words from the heart to say to your bride-to-be. You can expect to be nervous on the big day, so it is best to practice those lines and deliver them with confidence when you propose.

    What you should avoid

    • Spill the beans to everyone. The most romantic proposals are those that catch your lover by surprise. It is understandable to seek advice from family or friends or be excited to share your plans. Just the same, limit it to a few people you are sure will not spoil the surprise.
    • Ask her too many questions. Although you are eager to know what she imagines a marriage proposal to be, avoid asking her too much about it. Your relationship with her should give you ideas about the things she appreciates, her favorite places, and what she finds sweet and romantic. Too many questions may give you away, and your proposal will no longer be a secret to her.
    • Take your appearance for granted. Being comfortable around your partner should not keep you from looking your best when you propose. Consider also that you will have to hide your ring somewhere. Think of an outfit that makes you look good while keeping your surprise well-hidden until the perfect moment.

    Your bride-to-be will love you more with the preparations you made to make her the happiest woman.

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