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    The Perfect Gift: Name A Star After Your Loved One

    The Perfect Gift: Name A Star After Your Loved One

    Trying to buy a unique gift for a family member, special friend or partner can be difficult.

    Even with online shopping at our fingertips, it is often very hard to find something that’s different and special that will remain in the person’s memory for a long time. Trying to find something personal that shows how much the person means to you is not the easiest job. Over the last few years, many people have found that naming a star is a great way to show somebody you love them. Giving someone such a unique and thoughtful gift that will provide years of happiness and will remain in the person’s thoughts for years to come.

    Naming a star after a loved one makes it one of the most personalized gifts you can imagine. It shows that you have put a lot of consideration into the gift. A gift like this shows that you really care about the person.

    How do you Name a Star?

    It’s really easy to name a star after a loved one. There are a few options available, and here is a step by step guide of one of the easiest methods available:

    1. Log on to the star registry website as you can find and name a star here: There is a search engine on the main page that lets you easily type in whatever name you want.
    2. You can then choose your constellation.
    3. You have the option to write a personal message: This is a perfect opportunity for you to express your feelings for your loved one. Whenever the person looks at their star in the future, your personal message will be there. Put a lot of thought into the message to make it even more memorable.
    4. After this you will be asked delivery and payment questions: The site allows you to pay with most major credit cards, including Visa and Mastercard.
    5. If you have been sent a coupon, you can enter your promotional code to help you save money.

    One of the most popular options is this five-piece gift package which includes the following:

    • PDF certificate: Your personal message to your loved one will also appear on the certificate.
    • You will also receive details of the exact coordinates for your star, which will help you locate it when you look up at the sky at night.
    • A printed certificate of your star on beautiful paper.
    • Photobook
    • Celestia software: This shows some incredible pictures of space.

    Although this is a very thoughtful and heartfelt gift, you don’t have to do much to organize it as the website does all the hard work for you. Ordering is easy and safe, as McAfee secure and other data protection software help make sure your bank details and other private information remain protected. It will only take you a few minutes to fill in all your details and the gift will be on its way to you. Unlike other amazing deals online, there are no hidden charges when naming a star.

    Naming a Star is not Expensive

    During these uncertain times due to the pandemic, with many people out of work, lots are struggling with finances. Purchasing a gift like jewelry or a romantic weekend away might not fit your budget. Even when times are hard, it is still nice to get your loved one a special gift. Naming a star won’t break the bank.

    With any gift less than $100, most people don’t feel there is anything available that has so much meaning. Naming a star is a wonderful idea that allows you to give someone a present that lasts a lifetime, without burning a hole in your wallet. Although you haven’t spent a vast amount of cash on the gift, your loved one will be filled with joy with such an original present.

    Different Star kits Available to suit your Budget

    You have a choice of three different star kits. Here are your three options:

    1. Deluxe Star kit: This allows you to pick a name for a visible constellation. You will then be sent by email the PDF certificate for the star along with the five-piece gift kit. You can find your star by searching for it on the registry of stars’ official website. This package is the cheapest option available.
    2. Twin star kit: This package allows you to name two different stars that are side by side. This option is great for someone to show that your relationship with your loved one is special. You will be sent two different certificates for each star.
    3. The Supernova package: This is the ultimate star gift kit. Along with your stars certificate, you will also be given a certificate for 2 acres of Lunarland.

    It’s rare that you don’t have to worry about buying a gift on a budget! These packages make it easy for anyone, no matter what their financial position is, to name a star for someone they care about.

    When should I buy a Star for Someone?

    Most people like to name a star for a loved one as a gift for a special occasion. Here are a few occasions that naming a star is an ideal gift:

    • Valentine’s day: Giving a partner flowers along with a certificate for a star is a great idea for a valentine’s day gift. Sometimes it’s overwhelming trying to find a romantic gift during Valentine’s day, and you will struggle to find something better than naming a star after your partner. Especially if you have been with your partner for many years. Thinking of a new gift idea year in year out can prove difficult.
    • Christmas: People get excited during the Christmas period, as it is a time of giving and receiving. Most of us tend to forget what gifts we got shortly after the holiday is over. Naming a star is one of the most memorable presents that you can give someone that is available on the market!
    • Mothers Day: Show your mom how much she means to you and name a star after her for Mother’s Day. Mothers do everything for their children from the day their child is born. Show her how much you appreciate everything she has done for you by providing her with a unique star certificate.
    • Birthday Present: Naming a star after a loved one is a unique birthday gift that your partner will be over the moon about.

    You don’t necessarily have to wait for a special occasion to name a star after someone. Surprising a loved one out of the blue is often the best way to express your feelings for someone. It shows that you are unpredictable and a loving person.


    Naming a star has been one of the fastest-growing gift ideas over the past few years. People from countries all around the globe have been naming stars for loved ones. You can register and receive the star certificate in a different language.

    A star is one of the most important symbols for human beings. When a person thinks about stars, they think about eternity and how big the universe is. Stars are often a symbol of romance, making it one of the best reasons to name a star as a gift.

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