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    Top 10 Most Googled Dog Questions In The World And Their Answers

    Top 10 Most Googled Dog Questions In The World And Their Answers

    A new study reveals the 10 most Googled dog questions in the world — and their answers.

    The study done by animal website found that the most searched question actually came in as a tie, with both “Why do dogs eat grass?” and “How long are dogs pregnant?” coming in with 82,000 searches a month each.

    The third place is “Why do dogs lick you?” which is Googled 60,000 times a month on Google across the world.
    Here is the full top 10 list:

    1. Why do dogs eat grass? (82,000 monthly searches)
    2. How long are dogs pregnant? (82,000 monthly searches)
    3. Why do dogs lick you? (60,000 monthly searches)
    4. Why do dogs eat poop? (45,000 monthly searches)
    5. What colors can dogs see? (34,000 monthly searches)
    6. How to trim dog nails? (31,000 monthly searches)
    7. Why is my dog shaking? (30,000 monthly searches)
    8. How long do dogs live? (29,000 monthly searches)
    9. What fruits can dogs eat? (29,000 monthly searches)
    10. How old is my dog? (27,000 monthly searches)

    The experts at provides the answers to each question:

    1. Why Do Dogs Eat Grass? (82,000 monthly searches)

    Dogs may eat grass for several reasons, such as boredom, nutritional deficiencies, or to soothe an upset stomach. It is a common behavior among dogs and is not usually a cause for concern. However, if grass-eating becomes excessive, causes vomiting, or is accompanied by other signs of distress, consult a veterinarian to identify any potential underlying issues.

    2. How Long Are Dogs Pregnant? (82,000 monthly searches)

    Dogs’ pregnancies, also known as their gestation periods, usually last for approximately 58 to 68 days. The exact duration can be influenced by various factors such as the dog’s breed, litter size, and overall health. While smaller breeds might have slightly shorter gestation periods, larger breeds may have somewhat longer ones.

    3. Why Do Dogs Lick You? (60,000 monthly searches)

    Dogs lick people for various reasons, including expressing affection, seeking attention, or exploring their environment. Licking can also indicate hunger or help dogs gather information through their sense of taste. While it’s generally harmless, excessive licking may indicate an underlying issue, such as anxiety, and should be addressed with a veterinarian or professional trainer.

    4. Why Do Dogs Eat Poop? (45,000 monthly searches)

    Coprophagia, the act of consuming feces, occurs due to various factors, such as stress, boredom, or nutritional imbalances. Eating poop can also be a learned behavior from their mother during puppyhood. If your dog persistently eats feces, consult a veterinarian to identify and address any underlying issues, and consider implementing behavior modification techniques.

    5. What Colors Can Dogs See? (34,000 monthly searches)

    Dogs aren’t colorblind, but their color vision differs from humans. They perceive fewer colors, mainly in shades of blue and yellow. This limited color spectrum is due to the presence of only two types of color receptors in their eyes, compared to humans’ three. Owners can use this knowledge when selecting toys, bedding, and other items for their pets, choosing colors that are more visually appealing to dogs.

    6. How To Trim Dog Nails (31,000 monthly searches)

    To trim dog nails, use dog nail clippers in a calm, well-lit area. Hold the paw, and clip small portions at a 45-degree angle. Smooth edges with a nail file or grinder, and reward your dog during the process to keep them calm.

    7. Why Is My Dog Shaking? (30,000 monthly searches)

    Dogs can shake for various reasons, including anxiety, excitement, pain, or feeling cold. Shaking can also be a response to certain medical conditions, such as neurological disorders or toxins. If your dog’s shaking is persistent or accompanied by other symptoms like vomiting, lethargy, or loss of appetite, seek veterinary advice immediately to identify and address any potential health concerns.

    8. How Long Do Dogs Live? (29,000 monthly searches)

    Dog lifespans vary based on factors like breed, size, and genetics. Smaller breeds typically live longer than larger ones, with lifespans ranging from 8 to 15 years or more. Every dog is unique, and individual health and lifestyle factors will impact its lifespan. If you have a dog with arthritis, it’s important to provide them with the proper care to manage their condition. There are several ways on how to help a dog with arthritis, including providing joint supplements, maintaining a healthy weight, providing gentle exercise, and working with your veterinarian to develop a comprehensive treatment plan.

    9. What Fruits Can Dogs Eat? (29,000 monthly searches)

    Dogs can safely consume a variety of fruits, such as apples (without seeds), bananas, blueberries, and watermelons (seedless). These fruits provide a good amount of nutrients and can be given as occasional treats. However, it’s crucial to avoid certain fruits, like grapes, cherries, and avocados, as they can be toxic to dogs and cause severe health issues. Always introduce new foods gradually and monitor your dog for any adverse reactions.

    10. How Old Is My Dog? (27,000 monthly searches)

    Estimating a dog’s age can be challenging, especially for adopted or rescued dogs with unknown backgrounds. Factors to consider include teeth condition, eye clarity, and coat texture. Younger dogs typically have cleaner, sharper teeth, clear eyes, and a smooth coat, while older dogs may have dental wear, cloudiness in their eyes, and a coarser coat. For a more accurate assessment, consult a veterinarian who can provide a professional evaluation.


    Elina Agnati, the founder of, commented on the findings:>“The top 10 questions address a range of topics, from understanding dog behavior to ensuring their health and well-being. This becomes a great example of the deep connection that exists between humans and dogs, and showcases the desire for pet owners to provide the best possible care for their companion.”


    To gather the most searched questions we looked through Google search data from We reviewed the international search volume for all questions containing “dog” or “dogs” and listed them accordingly from high to low.

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