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    Top 3 Essay Writing Services For Students

    Top 3 Essay Writing Services For Students

    Students are facing an unprecedented essay-writing crisis, and the result has students across the country looking for solutions.

    The need to get essays written fast under adverse conditions has left many students turning to essay-writing services to deliver the papers they need and to rescue them from the consequences of poor or missing papers. However, not every essay-writing service is created equal.

    In this article, we’ll discuss the essay-writing crisis, explore the challenge of finding the right essay service, and list the top three essay writing services providing papers to students just like you.

    In order to understand what makes our top three choices so great, we need to understand why students are facing an essay-writing crisis.

    Why Students Struggle with Essays

    The number of essays that students are asked to write has increased markedly over the past twenty years for a number of reasons. For one, the shift from in-person to remote learning has expanded the number of papers students must write. Today, the majority of students complete at least some courses online, and online courses typically require many more essays than in-person learning. This is not the only reason for the growing numbers of essays that students must write. Another reason is the need for accommodations.

    With professors required to provide alternative assignments to accommodate students with differing abilities to meet disability requirements, this creates an incentive to assign more essays, which are considered universally accessible and do not require special accommodations. But students are also facing essay pressure on the other end of the equation. Today’s students have more obligations than at any time in recent decades.

    Most students—81 percent of part time students and 43 percent of full time students—have a job. Most students must also balance schoolwork with extracurricular activities and family and social obligations. When you add to this the fact that most students arrive on campus without the college-level writing skills to succeed—a majority are required to take remedial or introductory writing courses—you have the makings of an essay crisis.

    Academic Essay Writing Services Aren’t All Equal

    Students attempt to mitigate the essay crisis with help from essay-writing services, but these services are not all created equal. For example, for every high-quality service with a roster of expert writers with advanced degrees in their subject, you’ll find multiple fly-by-night services that outsource your paper to foreign countries and writers who speak English as a second or third language. Worse, many cost-cutting services turn a blind eye to plagiarism and recycling papers between students. These tactics can leave students in the lurch when papers fail to live up to expectations.

    That’s why you need to rely only on quality services to deliver quality writing. There are a number of terrific services out there. We recommend three services that have proven their commitment to students and to quality writing over the long haul.

    #1: Write My Paper Hub

    One of the premiere writing services, has a long history of helping students to succeed. This service offers the type of assistance that you would expect from a premium service, including expert writers and live customer service. When you use this service, you’ll immediately notice how much the service cares about its clients. You can speak with a real human being, not a robot, to help you place your order and to explain all of your requirements. The service matches students to the writers who can best meet their needs.

    The writers all hold advanced degrees in their field—that means a master’s degree of a PhD—and they only write in their field of expertise or closely aligned areas. By matching great writers with specific topics, the resulting papers are stronger and more effective. Indeed, when you order from, you can guarantee that you will receive a quality paper. But what’s more: You will also receive your paper quickly. They combine quality and speed to deliver top-flight papers on short deadlines.

    #2: Smart Writing Service

    Another excellent choice is, which like focuses on quality and speed. This service also provides access to real, live humans and offers papers written by expert writers. This service has a full plagiarism guarantee so you can feel confident knowing that your paper will always be 100% original and free from plagiarism. offers a range of protections and guarantees that will ensure that you can always feel safe.

    If anything should go wrong with your paper, they have a revision and refund policy to help settle any disputes. They also ensure that no papers will ever be recycled or resold to other students, and they take measures to protect your personal data. They do not sell your information to third parties, and your order will always remain confidential.

    #3: Cheap Writing Help

    When you need to balance quality with affordability, is your best choice for high-quality writing at the most affordable prices. This service, like the others on our list, offers high-quality writing and fast turnaround times, but its focus is primarily on delivering papers as affordably as possible. This service believes that every student deserves affordable writing help, so they work tirelessly to keep costs down so they can provide writing services that fit into almost any student’s budget.

    It may not be the flashiest service or offer the most bells and whistles, but when you need good writing fast and cheap, this is a great choice.


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      July 20, 2022

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    • George
      August 12, 2022

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      November 9, 2022

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    • Alla
      December 5, 2022

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    • Fiona
      January 8, 2023

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      February 2, 2023

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