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    Ways To Keep Your Lawn Neat For Longer

    Ways To Keep Your Lawn Neat For Longer

    A neat and tidy lawn not only enhances the front porch of your house but also helps increase its value. However, keeping it neat is not an easy task.

    As soon as spring arrives, you are compelled to enhance your garden’s aesthetic appeal and prepare it for summer. However, if you are new to this and haven’t done it before without professional help,

    it is time to step up your game and achieve the yard of your dreams. Whether you want to relax in your front yard on a hot summer day, invite your friends over, or show your house to a potential buyer, your lawn must be the first thing that you should tend to.

    Follow these steps to keep your lawn neat

    1. Remove the Thatch

    Thatch is the unnecessary debris stuck between the grass blades and the roots that can accumulate unnecessary dirt patches and provide an optimum environment for weeds to grow. It also makes the turf dirtier and produces a lot of dead patches. You must inspect your lawn on a regular basis and ensure its turf health. If you notice a layer of thatch that has grown more than an inch, remove it immediately using a thatching rake or a power dethatcher. Even though the process of dethatching makes the lawn ugly, it is necessary to ensure its healthy growth. It will automatically recover within 4 weeks.

    2. Pull Out Weeds

    Excessive growth of weeds will not only hinder the growth of plants and grass in your lawn but also turn it ugly. Pull out any weeds as soon as you notice them as it will prevent the growth of others around them. While the growth of weeds is inevitable, you can take care of it by pulling them out on a regular basis. The best tools to pull out existing weeds and prevent new ones from growing are a stirrup, a handheld weeder, or a garden hoe. In extreme cases, use a weed-and-feed product or apply an effective herbicide that removes weeds within no time. The same applies when it comes to mossy growth inbetween your lawn turf or on the edges of your garden patio, as soon as you see it beginning to grow through you should try to scrape it away to prevent it growing deeper and wider into your garden. Alternatively, using a high quality ferromex moss killer can stop the growth in its tracks and ensure that both your seating area and lawn space are safe from soggy, mossy overgrowth.

    3. Mow Your Lawn

    The easiest way to keep your lawn neat and edges trimmed is to mow it regularly at least once in a week. Mowing also keeps the lawn dense and prevents the growth of excessive weeds. Set the height of the mower deck to cut the grass up to 3 inches in height. If you don’t own a lawnmower, it is time to invest in one. You can choose among a variety of lawn mowers, which primarily work on electricity. You can also pick one among a range of petrol alternatives that function on fuel. Compare the features and cost to make an informed decision. Make sure that your lawn mower is serviced regularly.

    4. Water it Regularly

    Needless to say, you cannot achieve a healthy and neat lawn without adequate watering, especially during hot days. However, your lawn also needs to breathe. Pay attention to the amount of water you pour as overwatering can ruin your lawn’s texture and make it muddy. Along with watering, aeration is necessary too as it increases air flow and provides a healthier space for the roots to grow. It also supports better water absorption and improved root depth. Dig a square-foot patch in your lawn and inspect the roots. If they do not penetrate more than 2 inches, aeration is required. Use a core aeration for this process and remember to water your lawn 1 or 2 days prior.

    5. Create Crisp Edges

    Lastly, if you want your garden to look crisp and neat, create crisp edges and borders across the lawn. If your garden is in a poor shape with undefined edges, it will never look tidy and neat. Define the edges and shape of your yard using a garden hose. Next, use a spade to gently carve out the edges and define lines. To achieve smoother edges, use a garden trimmer. Add an edging material such as stone or brick to finish the edges. You can change the look and feel of your yard depending on your aesthetic goals. You can also call Houston arborists for gardening services.

    6. Overseed your Lawn

    During cold weather or off season like early spring or fall, spread cold-grass seeds in your lawn. Some cold season grass options include fescue and Kentucky bluegrass. You can also follow the same procedure in summer and plant grass varieties like Bermuda or Zoysia. Do not forget to water your lawn every day.

    These steps will ensure that your lawn is neat and tidy all year round. This is particularly necessary if you get unannounced visitors at your doorstep. Make your lawn more inviting by applying these steps and turn it into an organized and neat space.

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