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    Why Accreditation Matters In Mental Health

    Why Accreditation Matters In Mental Health

    Mental health is finally being given a voice after many decades of basically being shoved to the side, and there is a lot of demand for mental health professionals now that the perspective on mental illness and therapy has shifted.

    However, not everyone can be a mental health professional, and if people want to pursue such a career, they first have to go to a reputable institution for their education. Consider the following reasons why accreditation matters in mental health.

    Mental Health Conditions Are Sensitive and Varied

    There is nothing that is worse than getting someone who does not understand you, and when it comes to mental health, there are a lot of people who are constantly being referred to mental health professionals who do not know how to empathize with or treat their specific situation. Mental health professionals have to be ready to deal with anything and everything when it comes to the human mind and thought process. For instance, if you want to be a school counselor, you have to look at accredited counseling colleges so you can have the best chance possible at understanding how the minds of your students work and how you can help them. Getting your certification elsewhere would be a waste, as the institutions with accreditation will prepare you the best because they have been vetted and are kept to very harsh standards.

    Potential Employers and Clients Are More Likely to Trust You

    Unless you are going to start your own private practice immediately, you will have to deal with interviewing for potential employers. Since places that employ mental health professionals are places like schools and clinics, most of them have a reputation to uphold. You do not want to have to worry whether a lack of an accredited education is going to get you rejected.

    Even if an employer accepts the lack of accreditation, you have the clients to deal with. While not everyone walking through your door is going to be paranoid, everyone does at least a little bit of research before going to a place or person that has a significant impact on their well-being. If your alma mater is accredited, you immediately look more legitimate than someone who received their education at a school that was not accredited, and your client is going to be more likely to trust you and open up to you.

    You Might Accidentally Make Someone Worse

    When it comes to institutions that are not accredited, there are a lot of standards that they do not meet. Thus, the students that attend those institutions are immediately at a disadvantage. Even if they do not mean to, if they get a job as a therapist or counselor and have not been given a proper education, they might end up accidentally traumatizing a client and causing irreparable damage, thereby potentially making their condition worse.

    Being a mental health professional is a commendable career choice, but you need to choose where you study wisely. Keep this article in mind and remember that accredited institutions are the best path.

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