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    What Is The Difference Between A Dry Herb Vaporizer and A Box Mod Vape?

    What Is The Difference Between A Dry Herb Vaporizer and A Box Mod Vape?

    The comparison between a dry herb vaporizer and a box mod vape are like night and day.

    There are stark contrasts and remarkable differences that are so blatant, it would be simply daft to not point them out. Noticeable differences such as vapor production are self-evident. Other differences like size and design are specific to any one brand and model, though all will be similar in functionality within their respective modalities.

    Dry herb vaporizers are traditionally used by beginners and those looking to ease their way into the world of vaporization, either from a smoking background or a first-time user. Often, you will encounter dry herb cannabis connoisseurs who prefer using a dry herb vaporizer over a box mod vape due to the full flavor profile of vaping freshly cured cannabis.

    The differences in the modality itself is all a matter of preference, as both offer unique pros and cons depending on what the user wants.

    Here we will be looking at these differences to provide you with the info you need to make an informed decision.

    Dry Herbs Vapes

    From combustion to convection, dry herb vapes come in an assortment of shapes, sizes, and functionalities. You will find some that are designed for home use, otherwise known as desktop vapes, and portable vapes that can either ignite your dry herb without a lighter, or simply heat it up right below the point of combustion to release those precious compounds that produce a light and wispy vapor.

    Some of these vapes specialize in dry herbs alone, and you will find that their chambers are usually fixed and cannot be removed. Compared to 3 in 1 vapes that can utilize every vaping modality, dry herb vapes tend to use the most battery power as most come with a full temperature control function that provides the user with more control to tailor the vape session. Because these vapes use heat to gently bake the herb, flavors are distinctly enhanced and are usually very herbally and fresh by comparison.

    The most popular dry herb vapes are undoubtedly portable and usually not as technologically advanced as box mods due to their simple designs and requirements for heating dry herbs. Vapes like the AGO by Darkside or the E-CLIPSE are prime examples of popular high-quality vapes that utilize convection to heat up their dry herbs.

    Unless your vape is a combustion vape, most dry herbs will provide a very light but noticeable vapor that eventually turns your herbs into a dried, brown material. This is when you know the bowl has been spent.

    Box Mod Vapes

    Box mods are usually high-tech and efficient handheld portable vapes that are capable of vaping everything from dry herbs to oil concentrates, depending on the model. Traditionally, box mods are used to vape e-juice and cannabis oil concentrates. These are the vapes that produce those thick, enormous clouds that resemble smoke upon exhalation. In fact, former smokers might find this to be a much healthier alternative while still maintaining that familiar feel when smoke hits the back of the throat. Unlike dry herb vapes that produce very light puffs of vapor, box mods are known to be very effective at delivering medical doses of cannabis and nicotine juice alike.

    In fact, less is more due to the high concentrations found within the oils themselves. The similar viscosity of oil and e-juice are so similar that they are practically interchangeable within all box mod atomizers, as long as the threading is compatible. Other components that need to be replaced will undoubtedly be the coils and atomizers themselves over time.

    The Steamcloud Box Mod is a perfect example of a high-quality box mod vape that can accommodate more than e-juice and oil. This is good to know for those who refer a vape that can perform more than one function. Most battery threads will also be the common 510 threading, which makes it easier to interchange third-party accessories and components within the vape. Because oil is easier to heat up into a vapor, the battery uses less power and is controlled by a variable wattage. Preset heat settings can also comprise an oil pen’s streamlined functionality, with some even being activated with just the draw of your breath!

    Which Vape is Better?

    That really just depends on one’s own personal tastes and preferences. Some people just easing their way into the world of vaporization would do well to start out slowly so as not to overwhelm their senses or expectations. A dry herb vaporizer would be ideal in this situation. Beginners and seasoned users alike would also wish to consider 3 in 1 vapes as one gets used to or “graduates” onto another modality that can provide more options for the user.

    Because both dry herb and box mod vapes come in a variety of different designs, the majority will be portable. Some will be small discreet, while others will be ergonomic and handheld. 3 in 1 vapes like the Steamcloud Mini 2.0 are perfect for those who want a well-rounded vape that can accommodate different modalities without having to buy more than one vape.With just the switch of an atomizer and a dialed in setting, you can effortlessly go from one vape session to another. Former smokers might actually find the heavy thick clouds produced from a traditional box mod to be quite familiar and appealing, versus using a dry herb vape pen or desktop model. It really just depends on what you want.

    The best type of vape will be one that you frequently use and will have no trouble getting used to. Lots of box mods on the market can have a slight learning curve in order to differentiate between all the functionalities. Some can even wirelessly hookup to your smartphone through an app in order to track your dosage and sessions. Others can prefer the simplicity of a streamlined approach of just loading a pen, and just having a vape session without all the technicalities.

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