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    Why You Should Use A Knee Pillow

    Why You Should Use A Knee Pillow

    An orthopedic knee pillow is a product that allows you to adjust the position of the body while resting on a bed or other surface.

    All orthopedic knee pillows according to which the correct position and foot support for comfortable rest were taken into account in its manufacture.

    The presented products help not only to sleep comfortably but also to eliminate unpleasant manifestations of various pathologies of legs.

    Why do you need to put an orthopedic pillow between your feet for sleeping?

    An orthopedic pillow between the feet is a pretty ergonomic invention. Its benefits have been appreciated even by many who do not have chronic joint and limb disease. Among other things, it is intended to increase the comfort of sleep.

    The orthopedic foot cushion will be appreciated by:

    — Those who by nature of activity have to spend a significant part of the day on foot (standing or walking). It helps to relieve the spine and improve blood supply to the lower limbs.

    — Those who often experience broken joints at night are another category worth looking at is an orthopedic pillow for legs of a special shape. This product allows the pelvis and knees at the right angle. It allows for rapid relief and maximum relaxation of leg muscles.

    An orthopedic knee pillow is a unique product that allows you to hold your pelvis, your spine, and your knees at any angle. It is advisable to buy such a device for people suffering from varicose, arthritis, and lower back pain.

    The reasons for using an orthopedic pillow are as follows:

    — Disease prevention, therapy, and protection from injury to ligaments, spine, joints.

    — Elimination of diseases such as arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, varicose veins, severity, and painful sensations in the legs.

    — For people who are engaged in active sports, experiencing heavy physical exertion, or simply for those who want to keep their body healthy and young.

    And the pillow is good for:

    — Swelling of the legs, including injuries;

    — Muscle cramps (If you put a pillow between your legs, you can relax your legs and lower your lower back and you can relax).

    — Broken bones and pain in the legs;

    — women during pregnancy (the pillow supports the lower abdominal muscles and thus relieves tension);

    — Sleep stability (Sleeping with a pillow between your legs will help reduce the number of flips from side to side, and sleep will become more comfortable and tranquil. In addition, the pillow prevents the legs from touching and pressing on each other, which means there will be good blood flow between the upper body and the legs throughout the night).

    What good is a pillow if it’s just a pillow!

    Like any orthopedic product, this pillow redistributes pressure and helps to normalize blood flow in the legs. Blood circulation is improving, and as the result decreases the swelling, there is pain in the legs and knee joints. And this is also great prevention of varicose disease.

    The pillow between the feet will help to facilitate the neck and lumbar spine. If you often have pain in your back and neck, then this product is made for you — the pain will be reduced, and you will feel the relaxation of all muscles.

    How to pick up an orthopedic pillow?

    The main selection parameter is the height of the product. People with high weight and high height will be suitable for large sizes of 78×50 cm and height of 22 cm; short with low weight — 65×50 cm and height of 16 cm.

    It is better to give preference to models with adjustable and removable elements — such a cushion can always change «for itself». As for rigidity, it is better to choose a medium — it is universal.

    An orthopedic foot cushion is a unique product that allows you to hold your spine, thighs, and knees at any angle. When you’re resting on a pillow like this, you can feel the pain go away, you can see the swelling in your feet. It is like an ambulance — will relieve you of muscle cramps and broken legs, will give a tired person long-awaited comfort and rest.

    An orthopedic pillow is an important addition to your full and happy life, which will bring you a healthy sleep, a healthy spine, and a healthy life.

    Not only will this pillow be needed if you already have a problem with your spine, it is also needed by healthy people because in everyday life it is considered that the correct position of the body is necessary only in positions of sitting and standing. And few pay attention to the fact that back muscles also relax and recover in their sleep. So it’s very important to have good posture when you’re asleep.

    When the pain in your back prevents us from sleeping, it means you’re sleeping in the wrong position. The pain only gets worse and the feeling gets worse.

    A cushion properly placed between the legs will help to correct the situation. She won’t let the body skew in her sleep – that’s why it’s important to put a pillow not only under her head, but between her knees.

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