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    Business Leaders Share Their Best Business Advice

    Business Leaders Share Their Best Business Advice

    The business world is constantly changing. Right now, we are witnessing one of the biggest shifts in economy and work life that we have seen in our lifetime.

    Changing landscapes can be hard to navigate especially when business owners are putting everything they have on the line to survive. Check out these helpful tips from top business leaders on how to stay in the game.

    Be Adaptive

    Be adaptive. Every new situation requires new ways of thinking, even if you know a particular pitch has worked in the past. When meeting new potential clients, listen and adapt to what they say. They’ll likely tell you what they want.

    Chris Riley, Founder and CEO USA Rx

    First Things First

    Prioritize your most important tasks, phone calls and emails for the morning. That will ensure you have a fresh mind to make positive choices about your top priorities. It also creates a precedent in your work day so that necessary things get done first, and new problems can be dealt with later as they arise.

    Michael Jankie, Founder Natural Patch

    Be Innovative

    Always be searching for new ways to improve and expand on what you do. Even if it’s an idea you save for down the line, if you can stay inspired by the way your industry is changing you’ll always have a direction to go in. With digital tools, the landscape is always evolving and it’s important to be ready.

    Steve Martocci, Co-Founder and CEO Splice

    Take Personality Into Account

    Credentials can be important, but when hiring new talent you want to be hiring someone that can be a valuable member to your team. This means hiring people you get along with! The most qualified people in the world may not in fact be the right person for the job. I’d say it’s a pretty even split, if someone lacks a skill that can be learned but they feel like a solid addition to your business or team, that’s the person to hire.

    Nancy Belcher, CEOBy Winona

    Be Flexible In Your Successes

    Flexibility is the key to a successful business. Most people want a defined path to follow to reach success, but that is not always the case. There is no set path or right way, so don’t fall into that trap. Focus instead on being flexible and this will lead you to success because you are able to adapt to problems and opportunities that arise along the way.

    Alex Czarnecki, CEO Cottage

    Stay Focused

    Keep your eye on the prize. Focus on your goal and remember to be patient with your progress. Self-care and self-worth are the key to success.

    James Ville, Chief Product Officer GunSkins

    Patience Is Key

    As with all things in life, patience is key when it comes to the growth of your business. Too many of us have big numbers and grand ideas of success in mind, when slow and steady growth is the sign of a truly successful operation. Keep goals small and manageable, while having big goals for longer term timelines.

    Courtney Buhler, CEO and Founder SugarLash Pro

    Trust Your Gut

    Trust your gut. In business, there are so many decisions to make and many people throwing their opinions in the ring. Listen to everyone, but always trust your gut. Trusting yourself can help you to avoid unfortunate situations.

    Omid Semino, CEO Diamond Mansion

    Try New Things

    Don’t be afraid to put yourself in new situations. Even if you might not know how to do what you’re trying to do! It’s important to keep yourself humble and embrace the fact that you might not know everything, even with years of experience under your belt.

    Dylan Arthur Garber, Co-Founder Audien Hearing

    Own Your Niche

    Find your niche and own it. A niche allows your business to become an expert on that particular thing and find the best solution for your audience. When you zero in on the niche you will find great success for your business.

    John Levisay, CEO The Pro’s Closet

    Be Inviting to Collaboration

    Don’t shy away from collaborating with other companies. Expanding your network helps your longevity and creates relationships potentially across multiple industries. Don’t keep yourself closed off to opportunities!

    Michael Weissman, COO Soundcloud

    Willing to Learn

    Be willing to learn new things. Growing businesses are led by growing people, people who embrace change. Even if it’s not directly related to your day to day business, learning new skills or ideas can help expand your perspective on how to do business.

    Lori Price, Co-Founder Pixie Lane

    Don’t Wait for Perfection

    Don’t wait for perfection to launch your business. Perfection in anything is unattainable, so don’t worry yourself about trying to achieve it. Try to remember that your business will make no money and solve no problems unless you are out there sharing it with others. Polish things along the way as you learn and grow. This will help lead you on a journey to success.

    Tri Nguyen, CEO Network Capital

    Keep It Simple

    Keep things simple. Whether it’s your product, ad campaigns or how to invest, sticking to the basics is always the way to go. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when running a business and it can run businesses into the ground if they don’t have their core basics under control. Make sure your product and services are clear, and easy to understand.

    Lindsay McCormick, CEO Bite

    Remain Visible

    As a business, your image is everything. This is why it’s imperative to remain visible, with innovative strategies that place you before your target audience in a positive light. Today’s business environment is full of disruptors and forward-thinkers who focus on branding and achieving relevance within their niche. So, be sure to always have several networking and marketing campaigns on tap, showcasing your company’s goals and its integrity.

    Ryan Rottman, CEO and Co-Founder OSDB

    Choose Out of Love

    Chase a business idea that you love, not just a profitable opportunity. If you truly believe and love that idea then when the going gets tough you will push through it. You must believe in the solution to this problem and your idea for it to garner any success.

    David DiLorenzo, President Valentino Beauty

    Don’t Ask Permission

    If you’re thinking of starting your own business, don’t wait for someone to tell you permission to do it! The business world is a tough one to navigate, and if you’ve got a good idea chances are someone else will get to it if you don’t. Don’t wait for the ok, go for it!

    Jeff Meeks, VP of Sales and Marketing Energy Fit

    Be Honest

    Be kind and honest. Building trust is an important thing to keep in mind along the way as you develop your business. It means something when you keep your word, and clients will remember that. They’ll trust you in the future and surely bolster your reputation among future clients.

    Marc Atiyeh, CEO Pawp

    Believe in Yourself

    Believe in yourself. It’s easy to get worn down, running a business is hard work. And sometimes it can feel discouraging. Don’t give up and believe that you can achieve your goals. The only way to fail is to stop trying! If you try again, and learn from your mistakes, you will succeed in the end.

    Ajay Metha, CEO Birthdate

    Be Persistent, not Annoying!

    There is a fine line between being persistent and blowing up an inbox. Always follow up, but make sure you give time for your contacts to get back to you. Most of the time, when people want a partnership, they’ll make it happen. Be patient, and be persistent.

    Lauren Kleinman, CEO The Quality Edit

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