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    Anjolee Showcases Love, Beauty and Respect For Quality

    Anjolee Showcases Love, Beauty and Respect For Quality

    Anjolee has been the leader in jewelry manufacturing since 1977, recognized within the industry for fine craftsmanship, attention to detail and superior customer service.

    Their mission is to provide customers with the highest quality of handcrafted, customized jewelry, using only the finest precious metals, natural diamonds, and gemstones.

    The originator of the diamond tennis bracelet and its leading manufacturer to this day, Anjolee has steadily expanded from its beginnings in New York City in the 1960s to a full-service provider today of quality diamond jewelry, from bridal pieces and fashion rings to bracelets, earrings, and diamond necklaces. In those early days, Anjolee’s founder created his own jewelry designs, formed key relationships with wholesalers and retailers and in 1977, incorporated and relocated the company to Los Angeles.

    In 1997, Anjolee was moved to Chula Vista, California and the manufacturing operation continued to grow as family members joined in. In 2007, an e-commerce division was established to cater directly to the public and the company became known as Anjolee, a name inspired by the beloved mother of the founder’s two nephews. They combined “angel” with her first name of “Lee” and altered the French “jolie” (beauty) to “jolee”. The brand known as Anjolee stands for love, beauty and respect for quality. Anjolee understands that each customer order also represents a meaningful and memorable moment of life celebration, and they honor that occasion.

    Anjolee fully complies with the federal Kimberly Act of 2003, which requires all American diamond retailers to purchase all diamonds only from manufacturers who have documented proof that they were obtained through legitimate channels. The Anjolee success story has everything to do with a time-honored, active commitment to outstanding service and only the highest of quality in diamond jewelry.

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