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    Avoid Getting Pinched This Saint Patrick’s Day With These Stylish Green Outfits

    Avoid Getting Pinched This Saint Patrick’s Day With These Stylish Green Outfits

    Whether for luck, embodying the holiday spirit, or just avoiding getting pinched, wearing green will surely get you in the Saint Patrick’s Day mood this year.

    While it may not be the most common color when it comes to fashion, that isn’t to say it can’t still be stylish. This list covers you no matter what clothing piece you want to rock in green.


    Sweatshirts are incredibly convenient for fashion. They add another layer of flair and detail to your outfit, and their removability allows you to tweak your style to the setting and weather. While winter is ending, the temperatures are still brisk enough to warrant wearing the occasional sweater or hoodie.

    If you’re looking for colorful and flashy, Local Heroes has got you covered. With outfits like the Oh Baby Green Hoodie, LH Club Green Velour Zip Up Jacket, Loyalty Sweatshirt, and LH Mafia Velour Zip Sweatshirt, you can rock a grand variety of stylish streetwear from neon green to deep verdant tones.

    Perhaps you desire something more muted. Nobis’ outfits are made for adventure and exploration. Their parkas, hoodies, jackets, and ponchos come in varying shades of subtle nature colors, often including green. They may be pricier, but Nobis’ lifetime warranty ensures you’ll get your money’s worth.


    Tops are essential to any clothing line-up and the centerpiece of most outfits. Show everyone how much you can rock green outfits by wearing that festive color on your top this Saint Patrick’s Day. From graphic tees to polos, we’re here to provide you with a substantial selection of shamrock-colored fashion options.

    If you’re in the market for graphic tees, Local Heroes provides a selection of t-shirts. These include the LH Ant T-Shirt, Wild Strawberry Tee, and LH Monogram Berry Top, all with bright prints in a stylish, snazzy green.

    Don’t worry if graphic tees aren’t your cup of tea; try something a little more formal with fishing shirts and polos from Guy Harvey. With everything from cool dark tones to beachy, vibrant ones, from simple colors to unforgettable designs, Guy Harvey’s array of outfits comes in mostly blues and greens, meaning you’ll remain pinch-free while fishing in style.

    However, when it comes to varied shades of green, look no further than American Apparel. They have a selection of tees and shirts in many green shades: forest, heather cucumber, lieutenant, sueded lieutenant, military green, olive, and tri-olive. Whether it’s something bright, muted, natural, or vibrant, you can find it among American Apparel’s diverse green shirts.


    Bottoms are often an underrated facet of fashion. While blue jeans may dominate most casual clothing circles, green pants, and bottoms can be just as stylish, even more so.

    Looking for something comfortable and casual? Bottoms like LH Dreamland Sweatpants, Local Universe Sweatpants, and LH Mafia Velour sweatpants from Local Heroes provide fashionable comfort for those looking to dawn green while staying cozy and warm.

    If the weather is too warm for comfy sweats, Guy Harvey’s selection of performance shorts, many of which can be found in hues of green, provides a stylish alternative. You can even find a variety of green swim trunks in their store, along with athletic biker shorts and breathable leggings.


    Going to a party or dinner this Saint Patrick’s Day and need something elegant and green? Blanka Matragi has a wide selection of sleek dresses, including green ones. With enchanting verdant floral cocktail dresses, artsy bright green short dresses, and even stunning flowy blue-green evening gowns, Blanka Matragi offers the perfect dresses to wear green with style.

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