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    Standing Out: How Custom Woven Clothing Labels Are The Key To Brand Identity

    Standing Out: How Custom Woven Clothing Labels Are The Key To Brand Identity

    In the fashion industry, there are certain names or logos that when you see them, you automatically know the brand… who says your brand can’t be as recognizable as those other brands? No one.

    The thing about fashion is that it’s not just a local market it operates under… fashion is a global industry, meaning it’s recognized all over the world. In knowing that, what’s the best way to help your brand stand out in a global market? Custom clothing labels.

    As minuscule as it might sound, custom clothing labels play a huge role in the success of clothing businesses and it’s one of the most profound branding tools to help your brand stand out in a global market. Why? Because the type of label you use has its own set of unique qualities that bring a garment to life.

    Why Woven Labels?

    If you pay attention to the location of a woven label, you’ll see they’re sewn on the inside of a garment, typically right in the center. If it’s a shirt, it’s sewn right below the collar and for pants, it’s sewn right below the belt area. But whether it’s shirts or pants, the location of the woven label is a constant reminder of your brand every time a customer puts those garments on.

    Not only is it a constant reminder, but it’s also viewed as a reference point that people look for when trying to find out the care instructions as well as the size of the garment. Of course, there are many different label options that work well with different clothing types but woven labels tend to be the ones that not only are crucial to your overall marketing strategy and brand identity but by investing in custom woven labels, you’re investing in durable labels that will withstand the life span of the garment.

    Withstanding the Life Span of the Garment

    Lots of fashion designers go back and forth in their minds on whether they should get woven or satin labels and which one is the nicest… Well, “nice” is all dependent on what you think is nice. Woven labels are soft and can withstand lots of washes as well as wear and tear, as long as you don’t cut it out or anything.

    Think of it like this, with woven labels, no matter how many times you wash a garment with a woven tag, the logo won’t go anywhere. Now, the color might change after years of so many washes, but you can rest assured in knowing that your brand’s logo isn’t going anywhere.

    With satin labels, they’re just as nice as woven labels but a lot softer and more expensive, but they’re not as durable as a woven label. In due time, the logo will fade away on a satin label. So in reference to durability in promoting your brand’s identity, the woven label is going to be a safe bet that will ensure brand recognition for many, many years.

    Just look at fashion guru Chris Parker, we asked the fashion giant a very important question:

    Fox Magazine: “Do you have any fundamental fashion tips for young professionals?”

    Chris Parker: “Yes! Always invest in timeless black staples, try to add in some asymmetrical tops or blazers it’ll be timeless in the fashion industry because it creates elevation and it’s in black.”

    If you notice in Chris Parker’s response, he stated timeless, twice. Why do you think he stated it twice? Because the fashion industry is ever-evolving and while you can evolve with it, it’s also important to have timeless pieces in your wardrobe that will last a long time and that you can wear anytime.

    To play into the timeless facet, as a fashion designer, if you’re creating timeless pieces, you’re going to need timeless clothing labels to withstand the timelessness of the garment as well.

    According to, there are mixed opinions on what makes a piece timeless. Because fashion is a constant transition it can seem quite contradictory to say a fashion piece is “timeless” in an industry so full of change.

    Immortalizing Your Brand

    Okay, immortalizing your brand might be a little over-the-top, but you get the picture. Brand identity goes hand in hand with brand recognition. Just look at the brand Polo. You don’t even need to see “Polo by Ralph Lauren”… all you need to see is the Polo horseman, which can also be found on the clothing labels found in its garments, allowing you to immediately recognize the brand.

    That’s not saying that the brand is immortalized but if you’re looking to create a brand that people will remember, be sure to customize your label on woven clothing labels that will withstand the life span of the garment.

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