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    7 Ways Car-Sharing Services Help The Environment

    7 Ways Car-Sharing Services Help The Environment

    Car-sharing services are on the rise, which means more people are sharing cars instead of owning cars themselves.

    These car-sharing services work by giving members access to a car only when they need one for as little money as possible.

    When people share cars instead of owning their own, it has positive effects on the environment.

    Reduces Greenhouse Emissions

    Everyone knows that driving contributes to greenhouse emissions into the air, but fewer people realize that using public transportation does too. Depending on where you live and how many people use public transportation in your area, there are usually more greenhouse gases being put into the air per person on public transport than if each individual owned their own gases. Car sharing means fewer cars on the road, which means less greenhouse gas emissions. The more people who join a car-sharing service, the greater the effect is on reducing greenhouse emissions in the world.

    Reduces Traffic

    In many cities across the globe, driving can be a nightmare. Cities feel so congested with cars driving up and down roads that are too small for all of this traffic that city officials have to find ways to cope with it. Many cities do this by changing which roads you can drive on or alternate routes to avoid busy areas altogether. Car sharing reduces congestion because it gives people access to cars only when they need one, instead of every family member having their car used almost daily.

    Improves Air Quality

    Cars aren’t the only thing that contributes to greenhouse emissions and poor air quality; so do other machines, such as lawnmowers and leaf mulchers. When you share a car with several other people in your area, you give these people access to a vehicle without needing their own. This means fewer cars on the road or cutting down on how often people use specific machines which damage our air quality.

    Reduce Traffic Accidents

    An estimated 2 million injuries and 21,000 fatalities happen every year because of car accidents. These deaths and injuries occur for many reasons, including drunk driving, distraction, speeding, and racing. Sharing cars instead of having your own reduces traffic accidents because there is less traffic, to begin with. This gives people less opportunity to drive distracted, speeding, or racing, resulting in car accidents.

    Reduces Parking Infrastructure and Road Wear

    Parking infrastructure is something that cities need to spend money on, whether it is building lots for those who own cars or creating special parking zones where car-sharing services can park. When people join a car-sharing service instead of owning their own, they don’t need as many parking spaces, saving the city money down the line. Cars also cause roads to deteriorate quickly because of how much weight they put on them during use. Car sharing services such as Avail help reduce road wear by reducing the number of vehicles on the road every day.

    Promotes Sustainable Living

    A car-sharing service is a sustainable way of life for those who are passionate about the environment. As more people join these services, it becomes easier for all members to live a more sustainable lifestyle, which means they will be doing their part in reducing greenhouse emissions and saving the planet.

    Save Money

    Besides saving on gas, car-sharing services help you save money because most only cost whatever you pay per hour or mile plus an occasional fee. This is cheaper than most people spend on owning their vehicle down the line with repairs, insurance, registration fees, etc. Car sharing helps you save money over time while also helping the environment. Car sharing can save money as well as contribute positively to the environment. It is a great alternative option for those who don’t drive often or for those who want to make fewer trips in their vehicles, because these types of services are typically cheaper than owning and operating a car.

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