Keep Your Iced Tea as Sweet as It Gets With Sweet Tea Ice Cubes

    When the summer heat melts your ice, it makes your drink even better.

    Summer heat and icy beverages are a match made in heaven. But heat and ice don’t quite make the pair…

    So here’s a hint: this summer, the only ice cubes we’ll put in our Famous Sweet Tea will be… ice cubes made from our Famous Sweet Tea!

    Milo’s Sweet Tea has been brewed the same way since 1946; fresh, and with no added colors or preservatives. So, why taint that deliciousness with sub-par ice cubes?

    For Milo’s Sweet Tea ice cubes, simply pour un-diluted Milo’s Tea into an ice cube tray, and freeze it.

    Have fun with your trays: they come in emoji-shapes, unicorns, or the latest cocktail trend of ice spheres… so pick your favorite!

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      Keep Your Iced Tea a…

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