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    The Power Of Silver – A Health Giving Metal?

    The Power Of Silver – A Health Giving Metal?

    Silver is beautiful, valuable and it also provides numerous health benefits.

    Read on to learn more.

    Stave Off Infections

    For thousands of years, silver has been used to protect against infections, as it’s known for its powerful antimicrobial properties according to the experts at silver wholesaler Elf925Wholesale. The precious metal can also help to boost the body’s natural immune system. The simple act of wearing a piece of quality silver jewellery this winter can help you feel more immune to colds and flu during the cold weather.

    The material has positively charged ions that bind to the negatively charged surface of bacterial cells and neutralizes the bacteria. That is the mechanism behind how sliver can protect your body from diseases.

    Silver has also shown anti-viral properties, which led to it being worn by men and women throughout history to fight off viral infections. The metal changes color if it comes into contact with toxins, and gives us an observable warning sign.

    Regulates Circulation And Body Temperature

    Did you know that sliver can help to regulate your body temperature? It’s true and this is a property of the precious metal that can be particularly useful during the hot summer months when preventing overheating is a constant battle. Furthermore, sliver plays a part in the regulation of your blood circulation and can help ensure a plentifully supply of oxygen and nutrients to all parts of your body. The reason for this is that silver has thermal and electrical conductivity.

    Silver ions have a positive charge and they reflect electromagnetic radiation by constructing a conductive field. Just envision silver enveloping you in a magical force field that shields you from the bad energy of the outside. Just that thought has the power to stimulate your natural conductivity and boost your mood, circulation, and internal body temperature regulators.

    Balances Energy To Promote Healing

    I’ve noticed that whenever I wear one of my favorite pieces of silver jewellery, my mood is boosted for the whole day. I didn’t know before that it was because silver has natural properties that counterbalance negative outside electrical disturbances that have a detrimental impact on your body’s mood and energy. Again, I refer you to the shield imagery.

    Wearing silver pieces can also maintain the health of your blood vessels by keeping them elastic and those vessels play a big role in skin repair and bone formation processes in the human body. Silver jewellery can even help you with your yoga or meditation practice, as well as alleviate your anxiety and induce feelings of calm.

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