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    Constellation and Topography Glassware from UncommonGreen

    Constellation and Topography Glassware from UncommonGreen

    Make your next BBQ adventurous with stargazing glassware.

    Take your next BBQ, camping trip, or end-of-the-day cocktails to new heights with UncommonGreen’s latest mountainous and stargazing glassware additions. UncommonGreen’s Constellation and Topography glassware makes adventures outdoors or drinks at home more fun and memorable. Each glass features striking maps and heavenly constellations.

    Celebrate adventures among the layered red rocks of the Grand Canyon or the high Incan citadel of Machu Picchu. These new rocks glasses are etched with flawlessly-designed topographic maps of natural global marvels and are perfect for moonshine-sipping mountaineers to whiskey-drinking weekend hikers.

    The Constellation Glassware collection features the starry mysteries and twinkles of summer and winter night skies across the cosmos. Each tiny star and constellation’s name is meticulously etched — rather than printed —across the entire glass.

    This special etching technique creates a seamless illustration of the constellations and topography in a durable work of art that will last a lifetime.  From stemless wine glasses to pint and rocks glasses, this collection brings the brilliance of the universe and the craggy mountain landscapes to your next drink. Both styles range from $14-$16 per glass.

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