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    Eat Cleaner Brings Food Safety to the Family Table

    Eat Cleaner Brings Food Safety to the Family Table

    September is National Food Safety Education Month and for Eat Cleaner, it’s a little like Christmas.

    Chef Mareya, The Fit Foodie, eatCleaner® inventor and founder of Grow Green Industries, Inc. created a whole line of products to keep you, your family, and your friends safe – our real-life labor of love.

    For the entire month of September, Eat Cleaner is unwrapping the 4 essential ways you can keep yourself and your family safe. Food safety may not be the sexiest topic, but knowing the basics can save your life. Eat Cleaner breaks it down into bite-sized, simple to understand the practice, It can make the difference between good health and a life impacted by illness.

    Some questions you may ask: Are your fungi just a little too funky? Have your greens gone off? How many hands have touched your melons?

    We’re not going to mince words. You need something that’s really going to clean manure, fertilizers and all that handling residue, not to mention the chemicals and wax that water can’t get through.

    Because friends don’t let friends eat sh$t.

    The real dirt

    Fact: The water that comes out of your tap is not a cleanser.

    Fact: Wax, fungicides, pesticides, bacteria, rotting produce are all a reality

    Fact: Washing with vinegar is not necessarily a safe bet

    Three F’s don’t make a right.

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