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    PreGel Gives Traditional Face of Artisanal Gelato A Modern Makeover

    PreGel Gives Traditional Face of Artisanal Gelato A Modern Makeover

    Dessert ingredient producer PreGel America offers new decorative Pavoni molds for gelato pans.

    When you stop and do a double take, chances are you’ve noticed something that is absolutely breathtaking, oddly mysterious or just a bit outside of the norm.

    And though the traditional presentation of artisanal Italian gelato is generally enough to capture the attention of frozen dessert lovers, with its showcase of expert craftsmanship and exquisite decoration, PreGel America has expanded its ServIce® line of equipment, serveware, and supplies for frozen dessert and pastry, with the addition of Gelato Top Ice by Italian mold producer, Pavoni.

    These decorative silicone molds provide a modernized appeal to authentic Italian gelato, adding new depth to a longstanding tradition of exceptional artisan presentation of the specialty frozen dessert. As leaders in innovation in the specialty desserts industry, the company is excited about the modern designs these new Gelato Top Ice molds offer, and how much intrigue they can bring to a gelato case.

    “With new Gelato Top Ice molds, we are providing the necessary resources that allow our partners to wow their customers at first sight,” says Anna Pata, director of sales & marketing, PreGel America. “Through this initiative, we are taking innovation into the presentation and display aspect of artisanal desserts,” Pata concludes.

    Gelato Top Ice molds are available in three different styles

    Gelato Top Ice – Iceberg – PAVTOP100: Replicating the crystal-like peaks of a natural iceberg, this silicone mold adds a delicious 3D effect to specialty frozen dessert with little effort.

    Gelato Top Ice – Tablet – PAVTOP101: This silicone mold creates the visual effect of a chocolate bar that can be enjoyed in cubed pieces of perfection. Effortlessly add another layer of delicious dimension to gelato pans.

    Gelato Top Ice – Coral – PAVTOP102: A decorative silicone mold that creates the eye-catching illusion of a coral reef surface. Perfect for adding creativity and undeniable texture to pans of gelato.

    Gelato Top Ice molds are utilized with PreGel Pino Pinguino® cold fudge sauces to add a unique and decorative layer to flat gelato pans. PreGel Pino Pinguino® cold fudge sauces are available in seven delicious flavors including white chocolate, caramel, lemon, dark chocolate, orange, chocolate hazelnut, and salted peanut, allowing for chefs to mix and match gelato and Pino flavor profiles as well as color schemes.

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