E^st Shares New Single “Alien,” Announces ‘Life Ain’t Always Roses’ Ep To Be Released October 26

    Ascending pop star E^ST (Mel Bester)  shared details of her forthcoming EP titled ‘Life Ain’t Always Roses.’ Due for release on October 26, the seven-track compilation features previous singles ‘Blowjob,’ ‘I Don’t Lack Imagination’ and E^ST’s newest gem ‘Alien.’

    Unbound by past experience and influence, E^ST’s songwriting is united by a strong sense of melody and compelling vocal as well as a demonstrable commitment to the pop craft.

    “This song is about feeling like an outsider in the world, where even doing ‘normal’ things like getting the bus or dancing can make you feel weird and out of place. And it’s calling out to others who might feel the same, in the hopes that feeling ‘alien’ can bring us together.”

    This EP documents E^ST growning from a teenage to an adult and all the confusing things that happen in one’s life during this pivotal transition. Some songs were fun to write, others were difficult, some took a lot of thought and others none at all but at the core, every song is super honest. She feels relieved to have written them and to be able to share them now.

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      E^st Shares New Sing…

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