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    Grace Gillespie – The Child

    Grace Gillespie – The Child

    “The most gentle of my songs thus far.”

    Grace Gillespie wrote, The Child” to console herself in her 28th year on earth.

    When she was born, her mother was 28 and some strange part of her thought that she would have a child at age 28 or at least hold some kind of significance to that year. It turns out that this particular year has brought with it the COVID-19 pandemic, Brexit, and her own personal discovery that she had become somewhat of an anxious wreck.

    Grace wrote the song as a reaction to this chain of thought:

    “I don’t want to close my eyes on the possibility of “The Child,” but I will let time decide and try to trust that things will change both globally and personally.”

    This track is the third single to be released from the After The Harvest Moon EP. It may not seem like it, but Grace would like you to take comfort from hearing this song.

    We expect so much of ourselves. We can’t be it all, at least not all at once. We don’t know how we or the world will be in the future so we have to find some comfort in the present somehow.  

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