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    How To Set Up A Great Home DJ Studio

    How To Set Up A Great Home DJ Studio

    Everything changed in the music industry when music was made transportable in the form of records.

    Now that music was not needed to be played live, you could bring the party anywhere you want. With the turn of the century, it became even easier with the digitalization of music and now anyone can be a DJ.

    DJing is a really fun activity that can be enjoyed in many ways. You can mix music for yourself, you can play during a party with your friends or you can even go to clubs and play there. The equipment is not that expensive today and with a proper home studio, you can start making your own tracks.

    Choosing the proper room

    What things do you need to look out for when choosing the room to set up? You need to make sure that the noise isolation is good. You will be making a lot of noise there and if you have neighbors you will need to keep it quiet unless you want some complaints and even possibly police at your door.


    Unless you plan on DJing with vinyl on a turntable, you will need some hardware. When thinking of hardware, the first thing you think of is probably a mixer. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. There are a lot more other things that you should keep in mind while setting up your own studio because you can not make music without the right computer. On the computer, you can analyze the music, prepare your tracklist, edit some effects, and so on.

    You can not use an old run-down computer for this. The programs required for editing usually require you to have a good computer. If you plan on taking your equipment and playing somewhere you will need a laptop. Good laptops are a bit pricier but it is a worthy investment.

    DJ equipment

    Now that the computer is taken care of, you still need the tools to actually make the music. There is a wide variety of equipment you can find each with other specifications and possibilities. That can be a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. It is especially bad for beginners as it is easy to get lost.

    If you really want to set up your home DJ studio, prepare to do a lot of research into different equipment. Do not try to cheap out on this equipment, as you will probably always be working on this and want it in its top shape, especially now during the pandemic. Equipment from the brand Pioneer would probably be your best starter. It is a well-established brand, it has a lot of options, and is very user-friendly.


    You can have the best computer and the best DJ equipment but all of that will fall into the water if you do not have good software. DJ software is what connects your music library (where you put your tracks, beats, effects, and so on) to your equipment and lets you do all the mixing.

    Software is usually included with the equipment you buy. If by any chance it isn’t (which can be the case if you buy equipment at a cheaper price), you will need to buy it afterward. Just watch out that it can be compatible with the computer. Once you have acquired it, make sure to thoroughly look at all the features. Many of them are quite useful and can only help you have a good studio and make good music.

    Audio devices

    Two of the most obvious devices that you will need are some headphones and speakers. You can use basically any headphones and connect them to your equipment. It is up to you to decide if you want some that can better isolate the outside noise or not. The situation is quite similar with speakers. You can use the ones you already have, but it is always nicer to have some higher quality so they can properly produce the sick beats you are making. Not only that, but durability is quite important because they will probably always be making that bass blast hard.

    Having a home DJ studio can be really fun. It is a nice hobby to make music and it is fun for parties. In order to get started, you want to make sure that your studio has good noise isolation. If you want to have a good studio, you need to properly balance the trio of having a good computer, DJ equipment, and software.

    All of these components are essential because if one is not working properly, you will not be able to make any music. Do not forget to have proper audio devices so you can listen to what you are making

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