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    Moon Honey Return With Psych-Pop Deliciousness “Betta Fish”

    Moon Honey Return With Psych-Pop Deliciousness “Betta Fish”

    Formed in the Big Easy, psych-pop, art duo Moon Honey have returned with another delightful gem, “Betta Fish.”

    “Betta Fish” track is now out on Apple Music and Spotify and is Honey Moon’s first release since the critically acclaimed 2013 debut Hand-Painted Dream Photographswhich quietly sent shockwaves throughout the underground, bubbling up with praise courtesy of The New York Times, Noisey, NPR and more.

    The duo includes lead vocalist, visual artist and lyricist, Jess Joy, and guitarist and composer, Andrew Martin, and together they’ve created an out-of-this-world concoction of magic that transports you to another peculiar and exciting realm of sound and vision.

    A wild red-headed musical enchantress and multi-faceted artist from the bayou of Baton Rouge, Jess’ je ne sais quoi extends beyond her primal vocal conjuring’s to handmade mysticism—from personally directing D.I.Y. stop-motion music videos and assembling surreal collages to building paper maché stage production and sewing period-correct costume pieces. Born in the Big Easy and raised on the Cayman Islands as an anachronistic disciple of Jimi Hendrix and Mark Bolan, Andrew speaks through six-strings often while decked out in mod velvet threads. The union of these two dissonantly kindred spirits yields a totemic pastiche of psychedelia, rock, soul, performance art and good old-fashioned voodoo.

    Currently nestled in the Silverlake Hills of Los Angeles, Moon Honey’s Jess and Andrew immersed themselves in the city’s art scene while writing and recording the new music.  Working with producerJohn Goodmanson (Blonde Redhead, Sleater-Kinney, Death Cab for Cutie), the band bottle their world into simultaneously complex and singable songs – like “Betta Fish” – and plan on inviting us further into their multi-colored, psychedelic universe, as they reveal more music, art, and visuals created by the talented duo in 2018.

    “We really believe in the human hand,” Jess goes on. “Andrew is so specific with his tones and the vintage tubes he chooses. The way he plays is very emotional. We don’t lean into electronic or digital music. We feel strongly about preserving the organic qualities that come from the hand and those imperfections. That ties into the artwork being handmade. I want everything to be tactile and have irregularities.”

    That belief carries over into the music and can be heard in their latest dynamic sonic offering, “Betta Fish,” which is out now.

    Headlining Los Angeles’ Teragram Ballroom December 14th
    Tickets Here!

    Find Out More About Moon Honey Here!

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