Porcelan’s “Lois Lane” is Ascending the Charts

    “Every woman wants a strong man in their lives that makes them feel secure.” – Porcelan

    “Lois Lane”, the official second single from R&B-Soul Chanteuse, Porcelan, is the latest delivery from the Made In Memphis Entertainment vocalist after making a mark on the music scene with her chart-topping debut single, “The Real Thing Don’t Change.”

    The beautiful ballad is based on the comic book character, Lois Lane, who is an award-winning journalist and the love interest of Superman.

    “The ideal fancy is to be swept off your feet and protected by a strong man who will rescue you from anything that can bring you harm, and Superman’s love for Lois Lane, symbolizes that.” – Porcelan

    Find out more about Porcelan here!


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      Porcelan’s …

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