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    Quirky Indie Pop: Diverse Soundscapes

    Quirky Indie Pop: Diverse Soundscapes

    Marco DeLiso is a Cambridge, Massachusetts based multi-instrumentalist and recording engineer who uses his music as a tool for expressing a common language.

    Stylistically, DeLiso’s music is groovy, flush with vocal harmony and presented with levity, bringing people together where they can be themselves and laugh at his silly presentation.

    Urged into music by his parents at the age of five years old, Marco DeLiso took to piano, giving him his first taste of music. At school he sung in choirs where he learned to improvise vocal harmonies and improvisation which serve him to his day. Later he started Congratulatinos and after releasing a couple albums, the duo finally departed ways. It was time for a new chapter.

    In his latest work, Marco DeLiso presents Balance, a four-track EP which he believes contains insight that will benefit others. He has pulled threads from his experience over the many different groups and periods to deliver a sound that is truly unique to him. Thematically, Balance focuses on introspection and the ideology of finding a balanced lifestyle. “For me, it’s such a valuable tool for processing my life and maintaining self-awareness” the songwriter confides, “The music is inspired by my personal belief that a balanced life is the happiest, most fulfilling, healthiest life. This balance is my personal solution to the problem of being a creative individual in a society that makes it difficult for someone to live off of their art”.

    Balance showcases Marco’s DeLiso’s love for overdubbing vocals to create sections of cloudy lush harmony and experimental live looping, emitting whimsical melodies. ‘Harmonious Resistance’ features candid lyrics juxtaposing the soft, sweet guitar melodies. Ethereal vocals and subtle, simplistic instrumentation allow the lyrics tell the story. ‘And We Fall’ highlights Marco’s hip hop influences, with quirky pop soundscapes and playful piano melodies. The infectious track emits Marco DeLiso’s diversity and sheer uniqueness. Then there is ‘Round & Round’, with jazz infused guitars, the track is reminiscent of Jack Johnson meets D’Angelo.

    Inspired by a wide range of artists over many different eras and genres, Marco DeLiso’s music emanates the likes of Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, John Lennon, Eminem, and Radiohead. In addition to these recognizable names, the singer-songwriter also seeks influence from his friends and their music. “On Balance, I feel like I have pulled from all of these threads to make a style that is truly my own”.

    Hoping to bring excitement, escapism, empathy and inspiration to listeners around the world, Marco DeLiso unveils the highly anticipated Balance due early 2020.

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