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    Rapper Xavier Wulf Refuses To Relent In ‘Still Will’ Video

    Rapper Xavier Wulf Refuses To Relent In ‘Still Will’ Video

    The Memphis rap Maverick busts donuts in the lot in the new video for the Hitkidd-Produced standout from Blood Shore Season 3.

    Like the souped-up rides he whips with a passion, Xavier Wulf is built for performance. Returning to fulfill his promises, the Hollow Squad head honcho shares his new video for Still Will, the Hitkidd-produced highlight from his Blood Shore Season 3 mixtape, released last October. Over a brooding instrumental that meshes Xavier’s signature Memphis sound with Saturday morning superhero cartoon themes, “Still Will” finds Xavier posturing himself as a man who’s long been on a mission and will never stop:

    “I was ditching class, smoking gas with my brother since/9th grade, with a Boosie fade, I was killing sh*t.”

    The ShotByMiggy-directed video for “Still Will” is steeped in the stock car aesthetic of things and machines that go bumping in the Memphis night. Throughout the clip, Xavier shifts gears from his garage filled with custom build to the empty nighttime highway where he leads his convoy of cruisers, to vacant lots where donuts by the dozen are glazed with burnt rubber. The video is as candidly cool as it gets, letting Xavier’s rhymes guide the way through a night in the underground lifestyle of a true original.

    Continuing his fan-favorite mixtape series, Blood Shore Season 3 deposits new listeners and loyal fans into Xavier’s shadowy underworld of souped-up sports cars and stacks of cash. The underground king carries himself like a roguish anti-hero, as he slithers through brooding production by Hitkidd, WhoTheHellIsCarlo, and many others. The new tape is the sequel to 2014’s acclaimed Blood Shore Season 2, home to “Psycho Pass,” which earned renewed attention on TikTok in the past year and earned GOLD certification in October with over 100 million streams on Spotify alone.

    Born in Memphis, Tennessee, and deeply steeped in his home city’s musical tradition, Xavier Wulf had a hand in nearly every major underground rap movement in the past decade. Wulf was one of the first rappers to build a following on SoundCloud, helping make the platform the go-to for aspiring rappers and establishing it as a hub of hip-hop innovation. Throughout his career, Wulf has crisscrossed the invisible line between underground and mainstream, racking up hundreds of millions of streams, and playing to sold-out crowds across the country. This year, Wulf killed it on his 29-date The Midnight Club Tour – Dub Edition,” and shut it down with a primetime set at Rolling Loud New York past fall. In late 2021, Wulf collaborated with Hollow Squad producer Quintin Lamb for the high-octane GARAGE PUNK EP.

    Pushing his sound forward with every release, Xavier Wulf’s artistic journey is nowhere near finished. Stay tuned for much more from Xavier Wulf as he gears up for another year of dominance.

    Blood Shore Season 3 tracklist:

    1. First Light
    2. Nightshift
    3. Charles Ruffingham
    4. The Reason
    5. Last Moon
    6. Still Will
    7. Jack Wulf Sparrow
    8. Wulf Pesci
    9. The Law
    10. Silver Fang Wulf

    Xavier Wulf is a man possessed. When he has a dream or sets a goal, it consumes him. When he hears a beat, it takes over his body, commanding him to speak, shout, and let out his rage. As an artist and a person, he is quite literally driven by something beyond himself — maybe that’s a little on the nose for a rapper known for his deep love of street racing and drifting, but it’s also an apt description of his process. When Xavier clicks with an instrumental, he closes his eyes, puts the lyrical pedal to the floor, and lets it all out, following whatever road feels right.

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