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    The Bay Area’s AG CLUB Is Elevating With Their New Album: Imposter Syndrome

    The Bay Area’s AG CLUB Is Elevating With Their New Album: Imposter Syndrome

    Super-duo Jody Fontaine and Baby Boy of the Bay Area’s buzziest and fastest-rising collective AG Club have released their new album ‘Imposter Syndrome’ via Epic Records on September 16, 2022.

    AG Club shares the official tracklisting and album cover art, which was designed by acclaimed sculpture and visual artist Johan Drox.

    In addition, AG Club has revealed the release of 7 limited-edition box sets. Fans will be able to grab Imposter Syndrome CDs along with specially curated items such as shirts, posters, hats, tote bags, and more.

    Listen to the album HERE and purchase the limited-edition box sets HERE.

    Imposter Syndrome is notably the group’s first studio album to be released by a major label and comes on the heels of a string of celebrated independent projects, including 2020’s Halfway Off the Porch and 2021’s Fuck Your Expectations Part 1 & Part 2Imposter Syndrome will include previously shared singles  “Mr. Put It On,” “TRU RELIGION,” and “Kevin,” all released earlier this year. Check out the full tracklisting below.

    In typical AG Club fashion, Impostor Syndrome was developed primarily in-house. Fans will be immersed in the Club’s recognizable energy and sample-driven beats. The album will also introduce a more eclectic range of products as the group experiments with more unconventional sounds and styles that will further define the group’s unique sonic identity.

    Some familiar names can be found on the project including Sam Truth and Red Veil, as well some fresh new features from Na-Kel Smith and a few other surprise additions. Outside of the AG nucleus, listeners can also find additional production from DJ Dahi and Junior Varsity.

    Impostor Syndrome will delve deep into the inner psyche of AG Club as they battle with their own idea of self-identity and authenticity. While the basis of their previous project revolved around deconstructing the many expectations bestowed upon them and their rapid success, Impostor Syndrome uses each track to readdress these expectations. This time, using a more vulnerable, yet intense response to societal perceptions of what fame, success, and navigating the industry should look like.

    Earlier this summer, AG Club wrapped up their first-ever European headlining tour, which included sets at festivals like Wireless. They previously toured with Denzel (who referred to their set as “an insane live show you have to look out for”) and Pusha T separately across the west coast this spring.  Later this year, AG Club will gear up for a string of headlining shows across major cities, to be announced soon.

    With Imposter Syndrome, AG Club continues to carve out a new path in the lineage of DIY-spirited California hip-hop.

    Imposter Syndrome Tracklisting:

    1. Adam Sandler
    2. Kevin
    3. Caterpillars Are Just Hungry (feat. groovy & flip)
    4. Mr. Nobody
    5. Long Division
    6. Tattoo
    7. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (feat. Glen the Saiyan, Sam Truth, & redveil)
    8. Mr. Put It On
    9. Bodega Bandit (feat. Na-Kel Smith)
    11. Impostor Syndrome (feat. samplelov)
    12. MARY
    13. Candace (feat. kiyomi)

    More heads will always be better than one. Just ask AG Club. Short for Avant Garde Club, the Bay Area collective is fronted by the rapper-singer duo of Jody Fontaine and Babyboy, who practically finish each other’s sentences on tape and in conversation. With 14 members across different art disciplines– from musicians to filmmakers, content creators, photographers, and designers—they pour their respective talents into the kind of bond dynamic collectives are traditionally made of, yet there’s nothing traditional about them.

    They’ll drop an impenetrable hip-hop banger, only to flip the script with an arena-ready rock anthem. Jody Fontaine is hyper, hilarious, lyrical, and visionary, and Babyboy is quiet, creative, and equally visionary. AG Club is undeniable, unrelenting, and unfuckwittable. On the heels of their first track “Flowers,” they posted the video for “Ay, G” and gained traction on YouTube. Their Halfway Off The Porch EP followed in 2020, igniting the breakthrough single “Memphis.” UPROXX hailed them as

    “The Youthful, Disruptive Rap Band You Need To Know,” and i-D went as far as to christen them “the Bay Area music collective you wish you could join.”

    A$AP Ferg, NLE Choppa, and ICECOLDBISHOP have all pulled up for collaborations with AG Club. The musical group itself would just be Jody and Baby Boy, but they also launched the larger collective AGCNSF, including various creators. After a string of independent releases over the past few years, which saw them generate millions of streams and considerable critical praise, the group’s irreverent and inimitable vision comes to life on their 2022 full-length for Epic Records.

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