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    Surrender To Love With Alexis Lynn’s New Single: Bubble

    Surrender To Love With Alexis Lynn’s New Single: Bubble

    Bubble” is a declaration of surrendering to love. Alexis Lynn wrote this song when reflecting on how she got into her current relationship, as she is usually someone who is used to being a protective person.

    This track is all about letting yourself be vulnerable, despite knowing that once you let that person in, they have the power to break your heart or burst your bubble.

    Lindgren produced this “Bubble,” giving it a dream-like and floaty atmosphere, serving both a fear and exhilaration of deciding to take a chance on someone, when you listen.

    The song’s video shows all the layers of a new relationship, while being in one’s own little world, that we all know as the honeymoon phase.

    Tearing down that wall can allow for amazing things to happen. It’s always going to feel safe inside of your little bubble, but change happens when you step out of it or let someone into it.

    Vulnerability opens you up to so many feelings of love, lust, friendship, deeper understanding, and connection.

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