Toronto-Based Artist Jake Beck Releases Layered R&B Single “Back Then”

    Jake Beck challenges the definition of music production in the digital age with a new R&B inspired electro-pop track.

    A veritable maestro dabbling in every musical genre, Jake pushes the boundaries of what music could be, never focusing on what it can’t be.

    Whether through social media, on the world stage, or in his hometown of Toronto, Beck continues to challenge current music production by breeding his musical projects with all personal influential musical genres. 

    The new single release, “Back Then” is a layered R&B-inspired electro-pop track.

    Beck’s ability to pump out both high-quality bangers and low-key vibes at a breakneck pace has propelled him into a meteoric rise of a star worth keeping in your sights.

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      Toronto-Based Artist…

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