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    Tove Lo Releases Short Film ‘Blue Lips’

    Tove Lo Releases Short Film ‘Blue Lips’

    Tove Lo released a short film in tandem with her full-length album of the same title “BLUE LIPS,” an escape from boredom and heartbreak that celebrates the friendship between two strong women.

    “BLUE LIPS” the album is the intended companion to Tove Lo’s Top 10, second album “LADY WOOD” and complete the Lady Wood story told across two multi-song chapters.

    Fairy Dust and Fire Fade on “LADY WOOD;” and Light Beams and Pitch Black on “BLUE LIPS”

    Shot over 3 days the film follows the nighttime adventures of two friends Ebba (Lo) and Kit (Coto), as they blur the lines between reality, sex and their friendship, dipping in and out of induced highs, lows, nightclubs, and bathtubs. The 25-minute short features music from “BLUE LIPS” and is directed by Malia James.

    “I was nervous about the acting, I’m very comfortable in-front of the camera performing, but acting is a different thing. Malia really gave me confidence through out and I felt completely safe in her super woman hands.”said Tove Lo

    “The last chapter of the Lady Wood Era, and it couldn’t have been completed in a better way than making this film with Malia. All our late nights at her house where we watched movie after movie about love, friendships and all the drama that comes with it, sharing our own stories and feeling our very first film take shape.”said Tove Lo.

    The film explores an era of feminism where more females are controlling the gaze. Wanting to show that women can be sexual and sensual in a way that’s not gratuitous or objectifying. Where jeans and tank tops replace miniskirts and curled hair. Where eating a burger or picking your swimsuit out of your butt is sexy. Where the entire essence of a woman is what makes us desirable. Where being yourself is seductive.

    “I love being involved in the visual expression of my music, and working this closely with a director that really knows how to capture the beautiful mess of it all was such a magic experience. This is just the start of a new journey!” said Tove Lo.

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