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    U.K. Artist Georgia Black Releases New Track: Invisible Enemy

    U.K. Artist Georgia Black Releases New Track: Invisible Enemy

    London blues/soul artist Georgia Black just released her new single, ‘Invisible Enemy’. 

    Very theatrical in nature, ‘Invisible Enemy’ showcases cinematic soundscapes reminiscent of something from a Bond movie.

    ‘Invisible Enemy’ was written at the very start of the lockdown and was inspired by a conversation Georgia had with a colleague of hers, Roberta—Georgia works as a Learning Support Assistant in a college for her day job.

    “Don’t you think it’s crazy that whenever we’re usually unwell, we feel like we have to be the hero and push ourselves to go to work, but right now, to be the hero is the other way round?,” Roberta asked.

    This really resonated with Georgia and built up an image in her head of superheroes saving lives by staying at home, which laid the foundation for the song.

    Her soulful, sultry vocals bring to mind the likes of Lana Del Rey, whilst the seductive synths emit a mesmerizing release.

    A contemporary blues singer from North London, Georgia Black is heavily influenced by artists such as Shirley Bassey, Etta James, and Peggy Lee. Black kicked off her professional singing career fronting Agent Provocateur’s Dirty Stop Out, with The Clash’s Mick Jones, Bobby Gillespie, and AP’s Joe Corre. Her time in the couture meets punk show-band saw her performing in venues such as Camden’s Koko and international festivals, including Vienna’s Life Ball Festival and Berlin Fashion Week.

    Since then, she has been working on her personal sound, imbued with the old jazz, blues, and soul influences she grew up on and has recently teamed up with producer Joshua Woolf. Working alongside Grammy Award-winning mix/mastering engineer Aamir Yaqub (Rihanna, Sia, David Guetta), their time in lockdown was filled with online sessions, where they were able to perfect Black’s distinct, velvet sound.

    Georgia wrote ‘Repeat & Play’ at a time in her life when she felt stuck, like a record on repeat—in the same never-ending cycle, not achieving her goals, in relationships, seeing the same awful things happening in the world, and with general life dissatisfaction. Through effortless, smoky vocals, haunting harmonies, and mellow melodies, the musician has crafted a laid-back song to ease the soul.

    Listen to her new single, ‘Invisible Enemy,’ on Spotify and Soundcloud.

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