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    10 Creative Instagram Spots On A College Campus

    10 Creative Instagram Spots On A College Campus

    Do you like to surprise your friends on social networks with new images and locations?

    Check the list of campus spots that will decorate your wall in social media and cause a mighty furor among friends and subscribers. If you just dream of a profile with thousands of subscribers, you need to catch your audience by bright moments from your life. 

    Put aside all your current papers or ask essaypro writers to complete them and explore the best spots for your Instagram. There are many places on campus where you could take pictures, and the main thing is to know these spots.

    Entrance Stairs

    The stairs have always attracted newcomers and graduates to take bright pictures as the entrance is one of the most iconic locations on campus. Whether it’s your first day or the last one, stopping on this hotspot and reminding you of everything that happened here is always a great idea.

    Haven’t you had that photo yet, but you need to work hard without being distracted by other things? Don’t hesitate to pop in an essay writing service review and leave your assignment on somebody else.

    University Sign

    Finally, you have passed all the entrance tests and become a student of one of the most prestigious universities! If you want to make a loud announcement about your place of study, you will likely take a picture on the background of the university sign. Usually, such signs are life-sized, and you will look awesome in front of big colorful letters.

    Football Pitch

    Sports is not the least thing at college. Are you a huge football fan? Then, you should definitely get a selfie during the match. Taking a picture in the stadium is not a new idea, but it’s always perfect. Imagine how bright your photo will be if you wear a bright football uniform of the team’s colors to support the gamers.

    Wall Patchwork

    Bad weather outside? No problem. You can add some new pictures on your social media in front of a mural painted on the wall of the college building. Students could arrange such a photo zone on their own, or the college authorities had taken care of you. If you still don’t have a tapestry wall on your campus, you might trust your college papers to, and put a student team together to organize that spot.


    Today, a fountain is a must-have on campus. The clean water is flowing, and the stone walls create a perfect picture for your Instagram. Sometimes, students wandering between classes can sit by the water, forgetting about their current issue or going over paper writing service reviews. Thus, the fountain should be on a list of great places to take pictures. As a rule, there are some benches, and you can even get a group photo.

    Green Lawn

    Walking around on the fresh-cut grass, you have never thought of it as an original shoot place. Movies always show us a lawn as an ideal place for students to relax or have lunch. Why not step away from stereotypes and create a lovely photo set on a green grassy background? Or a panoramic image with the sky, building roofs, trees, and flying birds.


    You might think libraries are outdated now as students keep pace with the times and prefer to use digital sources of information. But still, photos in front of bookshelves or a book in your hands are always relevant. Sitting at the desk, and turning the pages thoughtfully in sunbeams…Sounds an excellent idea for your Instagram profile picture?  

    Research Center

    Universities are used to investing money in science. Thus, research centers could boast of up-to-date facilities. If you want to try out the role of a young scientist and impress your followers on Instagram, you could get an image of yours with flasks and reagents. Leave reading reviews for later and get your outfit ready for the photoshoot.

    Walkway Between Buildings

    Do you think that it’s not the right time to take photos during the break wandering from one class to another? You are sadly mistaken. Even in cold seasons, you can have dozens of chances to fill your online albums! The university’s buildings usually consist of several parts connecting with a long and wide walkway. That spot might be nice to get a picture. Have you ever thought of that place as a photo zone?

    Red Corner

    Every college is proud of its football team, cheerleaders, choir, members of drama clubs, etc. The awards gained in competitions deserve a special place. Even if you don’t have any sports achievements and awards, that doesn’t mean you can’t be photographed surrounded by honorable cups and diplomas. The red corner on your campus is the best place to demonstrate your pride for your “alma mater.”

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