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Jensen Kirk’s Latest Album Symbolizes Transformation, Death and Rebirth

Phoenix: There Will Be Fire is Kirk's latest project that has sound like no other. In ancient mythology, the Phoenix symbolizes resurrection and renewal, notorious for rising from the ashes.…

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Brett Newski isn't cookie cutter

There is no reason why we have to be cookie cutter versions of who we are.

Read more from musician Brett Newski. Something is wrong.Instagram token error.

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Lila Drew Debuts EP: Locket & Shares Her Musical Journey

The 18-year-old artist, whose debut EP locket (side one) dropped May 24th, is right in that sweet spot between childhood and adulthood; experimentation and responsibility; technicolor and black and white.

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Sam Phay Reveals Third Single: Hell or High Water

Writer/Producer Sam Phay releases his anthemic third single, Hell or High Water.  The previous installments to Phay's debut EP have already received features on Spotify Australia/New Zealand's iconic New Music Friday playlist and iTunes Australia's Best of the…

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