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    Are EDU Backlinks Still Effective In 2021?

    Are EDU Backlinks Still Effective In 2021?

    Now, no one will argue about the amazing super ability of backlinks to work real miracles with the ranking of sites.

    This has long been found and sorted out. Each of the top 50 websites in the SERP has more than one backlink, and this is no coincidence.

    In light of the data mentioned above, the question arises: do all such links have the same weight? We know that their value grows in parallel with the authority of the resource from which they lead. A mention from some questionable forum does not compare to one from a reputable blog that provides your industry-themed content. It is also possible that you have heard about some mystical power of EDU links – mentioning your site from a particular educational domain.

    They have always been in a special position among optimization specialists due to the powerful potential and indisputable authority, which, after mentioning you, is transferred to your resource. Why these links are so highly valued and whether they will carry the same weight in 2021 – let’s figure it out.

    EDU Links: What is Their Power?

    Among the massive number of different domains, Google attaches particular importance to two that every SEO expert knows. We are talking about EDU and GOV. Why? These domains are associated with trustworthy government and educational institutions that do not appear on the web out of the blue, with low-quality goals and content.

    It is also important to note that EDU is a top-level domain with limited access. It’s impossible to get it just like that. Higher education institutions must accredit the site to receive it. Therefore, any fraudulent schemes are complicated to implement here. Such sites usually exist for a long time and have a strong backlink profile and high domain authority.

    On top of that, EDU sites – as we talk about them today – are very picky about what resources to mention and which to ignore. This position is both a cause and a consequence of Google’s favorable attitude towards such sites.

    A common misconception is that such links are associated only with prestigious educational institutions such as Harvard, Priston, Oxford, etc. It makes no sense even to try to approach such giants with your educational backlink intentions. Such reputable resources, most likely, will not bother themselves hosting your link. Fortunately, things are not so bad: these platforms haven’t monopolized the already mentioned domains.

    There are numerous libraries, vocational schools, highly specialized schools, and continuing education programs. And many of them have the educational domain you need. All you need to do is complete research to find and identify a resource that fits your business niche. It might be difficult to contact them on your own, so entrust this task to professionals, such as Such sites are highly likely to agree to cooperate with reputable resources.

    Of course, scholarly content is level above the average myriad of untrustworthy resources. Therefore, the corresponding requirements will be presented to you well. Now the Internet is full of articles on a variety of topics of dubious quality, which are written by people who often do not understand what is happening at all. Academic content always stands out from this mass of rubbish. It is regarded as valuable by both readers and search engines.

    In 2021, the power of educational links is not going to decrease. Given the current pandemic environment, most educational activities have moved online, opening up more and more digital learning opportunities. An increase in the number of people visiting educational platforms will have a positive impact on their credibility. Respectively, and on yours too, if you managed to get the coveted mention from them.

    How to Get Links from Educational Websites

    Here is a summary list of actions you can take:

    1. Offer a discount on the relevant services. Few people dislike discounts. This can be, for example, engineering software for a drawing course, or some goods that will make life easier for students and teachers.
    2. Comment the blog. Educational institutions often have blogs that cover different topics. If there is an opportunity for commenting, use it by providing your detailed opinion and a link to your site whenever appropriate.
    3. Offer students career opportunities. Create a page with relevant jobs on your site. After that, you can contact the institution and share your suggestions. Previously, this was relevant mainly for local cooperation, but in light of the total transition to online, the geographical limitations for getting a job has now been erased.
    4. Create useful content. Easier said than done, but universities love valuable and well-presented information on a wide variety of topics. It is best to cover a topic that falls under your field of expertise while positioning it as useful for students. Next, you should simply contact the person in charge of the university online library and, if one is fortunate, a link to your material will be published.
    5. Offer a scholarship. In most cases, this is a win-win option, especially if the topic of your site is relevant to an alleged area of study. Financial incentives for diligent students are usually highly encouraged by the management of educational institutions.
    6. Interview some school teachers. Here vanity enters the arena: few people will refuse to talk about their achievements and talents if they receive such an offer. Of course, you should keep in mind that your niche matches an invited teacher’s specialization.

    These are the most common methods used by anyone looking to get educational links. You can think of other ways, for example, organizing events or trips for students, or offering volunteer services such as free lectures, available on your resource. The main goal here is the result.

    Final Words

    EDU backlinks are the holy grail of boosting search engine optimization. Experts confirm their value and strength, and they are not going to give up their positions the following year. Of course, such websites carefully monitor their reputation, and getting a mention from them may not be so easy. However, if you have something to offer them, be it valuable content, useful information, or some kind of business proposal, then most likely, the opportunities for cooperation will not be long in coming.

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